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I had a runin with pay pal three years ago. I fell victim to a phising scam, I didn't have EBAY toolbar or any other verifier running, and I made a "paypal" purchase from a fake window. It didn't seem right at the time, but I was in an EBAY frenzy, so I didn't stop right then. After noticing a draw of $1000 on my paypal account, I franticly contacted paypal to flag my account, and stop this transaction before it was finalized. I thought all was straightened, but then paypal let the transaction go through anyhow
I get all kinds of email from paypal wanting "their" money
I had to cancel the account I had at my bank, the account I had for over 10 years. I know paypal is an ICON, but they failed in this case, and I want everyone to know you aren't as safe as they would have you think

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