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I have to say what a GREAT site! well my problem is that I was going to sign up for a debt consolidation program but had difficulty comming up with the money to pay the innitial payment and continue to pay my regular bills. even after discussing all my bills and coming up with a monthly payment plan I would still be $62 in the hole every month! my credit is in good standing my credit score I beleave is around 660. I pay all my bills on time and just barely squeek by everymonth. What I was wondering is there a debt consolidation loan that I can get that would specifically PAY OFF what I owe and close the accounts or allow me to close the accounts. I dont own a home so it would have to be unsecured and all I have found for debt consolidation loans have been for home equity and my debt to income ration is to high to take out any more personall loans( i already have 2!) Thanks for any advice!

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