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Hi All,

This Week's Question-of-the-Week (QOW) has been uploaded and is LIVE now. For answering and winning $50, please visit .

This Week's Question is: -

How are you managing your finances to pay the utility bills during the current situation of rising prices and sagging economic condition?

Description of the Question: -

Prices of fuel along with our daily necessities are rising. It is becoming that more difficult for us to pay the utility bills on time. How are you managing your finances to pay the utility bills? Share the ways that you have devised to pay your utility bills on time.

You can ANSWER this QUESTION anytime between 4th August 2008 (Monday) and 10th August 2008 (Sunday).

• During this time anyone can post his/her answer
• Please try to elaborate you answer to make your point clear
• Answers submitted by different people are kept hidden during this period.
• After this period, the answering session will be stopped and the answers will be subjected to VOTING for one week (from 11th Aug'08 to 17th Aug'08 ).
• Answer receiving the maximum number of votes will be adjudged as the Winning Answer.

Winner of QOW wins $50

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Let the battle begin…

Let's meet in the battle ground of QUESTION-OF-THE-WEEK (QOW)


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