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Ok, so life got in the way - single mom struggles and such - student loans were the least of my troubles, and I stuck my head in the sand about them for an embarrassing amount of time.

I still currently have some major financial issues that I am dealing with that are just more important than the student loans...a housing crisis, for instance...but at least I have a steady job.

Had a bankruptcy, was breathing a bit after the stay stopped the garnishment and offset, and again stuck my head in the sand while trying to make sure there was food and a home. question. I've been garnished again since January, and just got another notice for a garnishment and an offset. Can they garnish more than the 15 percent they're already getting? Should I just let them offset? I figure at least now they are getting money and I really do want to pay them back. This is all from loans from the late 80's.


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