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Ok so I am beyond thrilled right now!! After 2 1/2 years of dealing with Cash Call, and paying them 216 a month on a 2600 dollar loan I am finally (almost) free!!!! I defaulted in January when I had to ckose my account due to a PDL mess I was in. Well I decided to hold out on giving CC my newbanking info. They did call me (about a million times) but today they sent me a settlement for $1000 lump sum of 6 payment of 202.00. I know I have paid them over 5k on a loan for half that amount but I am trying get better about my financial obligations, and cleaning up my credit report. Getting them off my back will be a HUGE relief!! I jsut wanted to share this with you all!! This place has been SOOO much help to me over the last few months!!! Thank you all for your advice!

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