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I came to florida with not much in my pocket, and a few credits cards with limits that seemed to good to be true. Upon locating the right job for me i was using my credit cards to get by..and only using them for things that i need as to avoid problems in the future.
Now 4 years later i am still living in Florida, and found myself buried in credit card debt. I tried to pay more then the minimums but with rent going up and a car payment that is absolutely ridiculous (due to being upside down in my previous vehicle), i was struggling to make the minimums! I then began to receive calls from 2 collections agencies threatening that if i did not pay the determined amount that i would be sued. I became very alarmed and called family for help. Thankfully my mother was able to help out and i was left embarrassed! And still struggling to pay bills (now working two jobs-day and night).
On a Thursday (i had off the entire day) i made a few calls to various debt consolidation companies and ended up narrowing it down to 3 companies that sounded great or so i thought. One local company could only speak to me over the phone and had no "office" , the next had an office that seemed like the boiler room, and finally the last place i went to was beautiful, on the water..but about an hour and forty-fiveminutes away from my home and well worth the ride. The office was very clean and very professional with only a few people in it. No one was cold calling and the waiting room had a few people as well. After a 15minute wait myself i spoke to a guy named Rob who completely changed my life! I was able to pay everything off within a few months and cut my cards in half!! If you have never been in my situation before it is like being slowly strangled..and feeling completely helpless!
Im not sure if there are many people from Florida in this forum but i would love to spread the word about this company....i called 954-332-1259 and set up a free consultation.
if there is a problem with me placing the number above please let me know..i am just very excited to have made my final payment last friday!!

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