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Ok, I accidently put my original post in the wrong forum.
I received a letter from them stating that I still owe them $677.50 (I am in illinois, borrowed $400, paid back $180). He said something in his letter about since I wrote a check I am violating the bad check laws....I sent them the whole letter with the illinois law, filed with the bbb, AG, and the is it FTC? So this is what I get this morning:

How are you doing today? I am going to say this one time and one time only ma’am. You are correct ma’am payday loans are illegal in Illinois that does not apply to you in this case do to the fact you went on the internet and came to this company to fulfill your financial desires. At this time Ms. W we need you to be a responsible adult, you know you took this money from our company there should not be any discrepancy in us trying to retain these funds. If you are not willing to resolve this account ma’am we will follow up with any progressions needed to retain these funds being legally or voluntarily. I am fully aware of your rights as a Illinois resident but that does not negate the fact that you went online to get payday loans this is not free funding, this is a form of theft Ms. W and will be treated as so amongst other violations. I humbly apologize for the inconvenience and enjoy your day. I need you to call into my office at your earliest convenience.

Well, so he JUST admitted he knows that it is illegal, but apparently it doesn't apply to me. hmmm... guess it applies to EVERYONE in the state except me. LOL
What should I respond to him?

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