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im at a loss..i had taken out several pdl's back 1-2yrs ago - so many charges that my checking account became overdrawn and it was overdrawn for so long that the bank closed it. i honestly have no idea if all pdls were paid in full - but i have paid personally the ones that contacted me. Just today I was contacted at work by a foreign man from a local phone number in town stating that i was being brought up on charges of fraud and criminal etc and owed (with fees ) over 5200$ - everytime I asked him who he represented and could he send me something showing where this amount came from - he just kept saying no you have 5 minutes to make payment on this to me over the phone or we will contact the authorities to pick you up at work. He had my bank account name and account # which was closed 2 years ago - the only fee that was still open with the bank ws $ 94 and I paid that off personally.
what do i do about this - and can they do what he is threatening ??

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