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This is my first time posting...i live in Louisiana, and we currently have 6 online payday loans out. The biggest one, and my main concern, is through Magnum Cash Advance. We are paying them 1300 a month on this loan, and we keep have to re-advance every month just to make ends meet. I called a few different places that claim to help with payday loans, and all of them have told me that the online pdl places cannot report to the credit bureau. We are considering closing our checking account just to stop all the debits from these places. We have tried to get our payments lowered, and they will not work with us. I am just wondering if these places can sue us for closing our account? I dont know if there is a law in my state saying they can do that or not. I don't dispute the fact that we owe these places, I just can't pay so much at one time. Any advice would be apprecitated..thanks so much

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