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I have recently joined this website and have found a lot of great information. I have joined my local CCCS office to get rid of my payday loans all of them have excepted CashCall (no surprise there). I called them today and they were rude and nasty...nothing new...and I told them that I joined CCCS and they said we don't deal with 3rd party at all. So I said well I would like to do a settlement and they said we don't do that...and I said really I have read that you she says I will transfer you to that department. She comes back and says that if I have a settlement to offer them she can give it to upper management and have them review it. So my question is does anyone have any advice on this. I don't have the money to settle, but I know my parents would loan me the money to get out of this one. I know they probably would of given me all the money to get out of this hell, but I needed to learn my lesson and get some counseling about money. I have always lived beyond my means. My dad used to be in the legislature and he is running again and he says if he's elected he is going to make it his mission to get rid of payday loans and their crazy interest charges. I understand that I signed the papers and read everything, but these company's pray on people in hard times.
I originally borrowed $2525.00 at 99.24% in May 2008 and have made $544.03 in payments. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - and I live in SD!

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