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In 2005 I had a ton of payday loans and eventually closed my account. Well fast forward to now ... my ex boyfriend calls me and says someone keeps calling him saying I am involved in a criminal internet fraud case. he gives me the number so i call. Its sonic cash. The man tells me he needs my attorney information so he can procede with criminal charges against me for internet fraud. ... blah blah blah .. I found this site and i learned that cant happen.
I asked him to send me some correspondence in writing or an email. He refused .. he said if i dont make a commitment to pay the debt the would procede withthe legal stuff. He wouldnt even give me a solid amount on what i owe . He said anywhere from 500-2500 !!!!
I told him i wont pay anything unless i see something in writing.
He continued to call my cell until 9pm !!!!
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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