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Some company named STCAdavance took a total of $148 in random amounts of my account, i have no idea who they are. I also took a pdl with Impact Cash, but shortly after, sent a C&D letter to them, but still withdrew $75.00 from my account. This is illegal, correct? (Im in North Carolina, and pdl's are prohibited in this state). I went to my credit union today, and they put a credit only hold on my account. Unfortuantely, my account is now negative over $200 because of this, and bills that i had tried to pay have bounced, so i have NSF charges on top of it, and I cant open a new account until it is positive. They said that I have to fill out a police report and such to get the ball rolling. I just want to be sure that I am doing this correctly, and even more so, that i am not doing anything illegal! I had to sign a document at the bank with the 4 charges that I didnt authorize (3 with STCadvance and 1 with Impact Cash) them to take money out of my account. I just want to be sure I am doing things correctly!

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