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Hello Good People,

Thank you so much for all the helpful info you've provided so far. This has been a rough weekend for me mentally (I suffer from acute anxiety to begin with) and I'm wondering if you can advise me what's going to happen next?

Bank account has been closed-cannot be forced open.

Direct deposits are going into the new account.

The employer has stated they will not grant voluntary wage assessments-they will only garnish if they have a court order with a case number (to put into the computer). We're going to provide a letter anyway just to be extra safe.

C&D Letters have been mailed (certified with signature confirmation) although now I'm not sure the ones for Credit Protection Depot went to a current address.

These PLD accounts were opened over 2 years ago, and I don't recall who the references are that were listed, but we have advised those that might be getting calls whats up.

The debits were scheduled to come out last Friday, July 25th. My question is, what's going to happen next? When will the calls start coming in? What do I tell them?


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