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I've had a thread before ---- but I've tried doing a few things with my PDL's before I posted anything else.

I have several questions --- but let me refresh my scenario.

I live in Ohio. I have the following PDL's which are all either defaulted or on EPPs except for one online PDL.

Check Into Cash 912.50(EPP - 1`st Pmt July 2008)
Check N Go 912.50 (EPP - 1st Pmt July 2008)
Quik Cash 575.00 (EPP - 1st Pmt 8/15/2008)
Cashland 912.50(Defaulted - 1st Pmt to begin 8/30)
Purpose Money 912.50(Defaulted - don't know how I'm going to pay)

BIG Int'l $200 + Fee (Defaulted)
ACH Loan - $200 + Fee (Defaulted)
Quickets Cash Adv (MTE) $300 + fee (defaulted)
Magnum Cash Adv ($387 -- will take payments until I can get them paid in full in October - defaulted)
World Wide Cash - $200 paid $89 fee (Haven't defaulted on this one yet)

I'm doing my best to get all the storefront loans paid.

What can the internet payday lenders legally do to me for defaulting?

My Credit Cards and loans are now falling 1 month behind -- but I just don't have the $ to pay all of them. I really don't want a judgement against my wages --- because my employer has a clause that employeers shall not have any garnishments of wages (other than child support) in their handbook rules ---- or they could face termination.

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