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OK.. Cash Transfer Centers - back in July I paid it off. Still I got a call from a Ms Ross and another guy stating I still owed 281.00. We went round and round. He was rude, obnoxius, asked me questions that shouldn't be asked etc. Anyway, I received a letter prior to those, saying Thank you for paying off you loan with us, you are now eligible to refinance and loan, etc. I faxed and register lettered a letter to CTC, I attached copies of the PIF's I received from them, highlighted the loan numbers. I then told them I was paid in full, and for good measure and protection, also revoked any further ACH and wage garnishments. Also attached a Florida Payday loan law., etc.. etc. It was guiet till Friday when I received a letterl from WAMU stating that a transaction tried to take place , but denied. They (CTC) went in to the account and tried to take out two payments of 281.00 each. I know someone will say close your account...I have been fighting WAMU over closing my account, but the little girl there says until my balance is not negative, they can't close it.. anyway. that is a different fight right now.. and I am taking tomorrow morning off to go to the main branch to fight this...BACK TO CTC.... I know there is a procedure for fraudulant, as CTC is. WAMU did fill out paperwork for fraud ACH... is there somewhere else to take this?? sue their butts..,I have all the paper work, and have sent an email to the AG

Also.. Thank you for this site.. it has been a absolute GREAT find in helping me get thru some of these problems and mistakes!

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