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I have posted before and I don't know where to begin. When I sent a message to they told me that since they are not in the us, the are not bound by us law. Is this true? Also, I have searched to see if any of these loans were legal and I guess they are not. If anyone is in Illinois or is familiar with Illinois law, can you please let me know. I feel like I am not doing this right and I am in a corner. Please help.

Huskhawk group-325 paid $440 in interest
Summit group-325 paid 300 and its in collections at pdm and I was told they were going to garnish my wages up to 30% and I would have to pay $2500 in fees
mte financial (instantcash)-390- paid 270 in fees so far
Chieftan financial-260 paid 180 in fee
STC 274 paid 444 in fees

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