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Hey, guys:

Got a call transferred to me at work from UnitedCashLoans...spoke to a very nice young man by the name of Mark Robbins. He told me that he had been made aware (gee, by the 1,000 emails I've sent or by the certified letter?) that I was unhappy with certain aspects of my loan.

He offered to let me pay off the principal and when I asked how much that was (I know EXACTLY how much I've paid and its the principal + a couple of nominal fees) he put me on hold.

He promptly returned to tell me that in order to find that information out, I would have to log into their website AND that he was trying to keep my account from going into their recovery department!

First, I let him know that I was aware that they were a d.b.a. of MTE Financial and not licensed in Florida. Then, I told him that even if they WERE licensed, they were violating the law in this state regarding internet loans. I further advised him that since I had not received a single response to my many emails or to my certified letter, that I had filed a complaint with my AG, who seemed very interested in their operations. I also informed him that in that certified letter, I had expressly told them NOT to contact me at work and that if they did so again, I would file numerous other complaints with every other agency I could find.

He responded by saying that all of the above was "neither here nor there" and that he was giving me an opportunity to settle a debt. I told him that it was DEFINITELY HERE AND THERE, that they were operating illegally and if they wanted to communicate with me any further - even regarding an offer of repayment, they would have to do it via USPS so that I could make a copy for the AG and my personal attorney.

HE THANKED ME AND HUNG UP! :lol: I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye!

Now, I'm not naive enough to believe for a SECOND that this is the last I'll hear from these folks felt AWESOME to have my s*** together when they called and for that, I have a whole bunch of you guys to thank!


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