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First of all I just want to say thanks so much for this outlet.. I thought I was alone and felt pretty stupid. I have several payday loans out ,in fact I think it is around 8 at this time. I fell into that cycle of getting one to pay another one and at this time I just can not keep afloat.
I chose to close my checking account today after reading many post. I have been in contact with most of my loans but there are a few that just will not give me contact info.
Does anyone know how to reach Northway lenders and instantcash usa?
also what can I expect to happen in the next few months in regards to these loans? Will I be contacted when they are unable to get thier money? will they work with me in regards to payment options? They will not just go ahead and garnish my wages will they without trying to reach me? Maine has no laws with pdl.
Any help,advice anyone can give me would help me so much thanks

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