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Hey All, Just want to say first to all of you who help others on this site that you are VERY much appreciated !

My story I have 3 loans One click cash-eastside lenders-paydayone!

One click took 390.00 from my account instead of the 90.00 per the loan terms I called they said because of the loan laws in OHIO effective Sept, 1 they cannot renew loans in Ohio any longer and had to take the full loan amount.

My loan was taken on 8-21-08 nothing in my agreement says anything about this therefore I think thats breach of contract. I disputed with my bank as fraud since I did not authorize that amount. I plan to close my account after the bank gives me my money back.
I then plan to contact the other 2 pdl and make arrangements to pay them off!
Can anyone tell me if any of these 3 are licsensed in Ohio and if Ohio honors wage assignments though I dont know if I signed one! Thank again to you all.

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