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I have 3 payday loans in Arkansas, (Little Rock city ) they are:
Advantage Cash Service ~ $350.00 (paid $105)
JVC Lending ~ $300.00 (paid $270.00)
Ameriloan ~ $300.00 (paid $180.00)
I recently had to close down my bank account due to fraud in the account (stolen debit card and check book) I contacted all of the lenders and told them that if they would send me an address I would send them payments. I have not recieved a call from any of them. I did recieve a call today from "American Law Offices" saying that Cash Advance USA is sueing me for fraud. I cannot find any of these companies information anywhere. I really don't know what to do. I am not opposed to paying my debt, but I need to make legitimate arangements.

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