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Just thought I would share with you my experience with the BBB regarding Cash Call.

I issued a complaint with the BBB against Cash Call and of course got no where.

I then sent a complaint to this BBB asking how in the world Cash Call can get an "A" rating? so here it is... Please note that Cash Call has 283 complaints against them and lawsuits either closed or in progress. I did suggest that they have separate ratings for their loan dept. vs. their mortgage dept.

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the company's rating. We take complaint allegations and responses of those complaints at face value. If either party is mis-representing the facts we have no specific test to verify it either way. As a matter of course, it is important that we do not engage in determining which complaints are meritorious and which responses have veracity. Each of these actions bring forth room for manipulation so we don't engage in that practice, What we do is evaluate how serious we believe the allegations are and how responsive we believe the company is to those allegations. Not responding, not addressing, and not fulfilling responses are serious issues and result in lower ratings and if we see a pattern of conduct we report it.

Bottom line, in my opinion, MONEY

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