Practical Debt Relief, Inc.

About Company

Practical Debt Relief is a Debt Settlement company dedicated to helping the average American get their life back on track by learning how to manage their finances better. With a bad economy made even worse by the credit card companies getting rich off of struggling citizens, our team of debt specialist are determined to show you a better way in managing those unsecured debts. We are an accredited business member through BSI and are proud members of the USOBA & and IAPDA. These organizations are in place to help protect consumers from unscrupulous and phony Debt Relief providers. In addition, they provide ongoing education to ensure that our staff remains up to date on the latest procedures and laws.


  • IAPDA List: bronze


  • Debt Settlement

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Practical Debt Relief, Inc. 5220 S. University Drive. Suite 107

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Phone: 8888393574
Fax: 8888537651

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