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Preferred Financial Services was founded in 2003 in Lawrence Massachusetts with the goal of helping everyday Americans resolve their debt situations quickly, honorably, and as cost effectively as possible. We offer an alternative to both bankruptcy and Credit Card Company sponsored counseling programs. The need for our service has fueled our growth and we have expanded as consumers look for a way to reduce their debts in a safe and secure manner. Our standing in the industry has grown along with our expansion, creditors know who we are and offer our clients the best terms possible. After analyzing your situation and financial goals, Preferred Financial Services gets to work negotiating your unsecured debt down as quickly and as dramatically as possible. Each client gets assigned a program adviser who will guide them through every step of the process from enrollment to receiving the final settlement letters from their creditors. Every client also gets a seasoned settlement specialist assigned to their case, who is experienced in the process and will work tirelessly to get you the savings you deserve. Many of our settlement specialists have been on both sides of the industry, their insight into how credit card companies do business will be invaluable to you as a client.




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