How to find debt consolidation programs and how they affect your credit

People are often confused about debt consolidation and want to know how they can find a suitable debt consolidation program. Selecting a good debt consolidation program is important as it should fulfill the purpose of making the borrower debt free without having to pay higher charges.

Finding debt consolidation programs:

A debtor may find a suitable debt consolidation program by opting for one of the following:

The debtor may approach the local credit unions as well as the banks with whom he is already dealing. They may offer some good deal to him.
Very often, it has been observed that debtors receive consolidation offers from mailers. It is very important to find out how authentic they are; more so because they are offering services online and may be scammers. They may charge more for consolidating a debt than is required and even mislead the debtor.
One may also avail debt consolidation services from a company, which has a BBB endorsement.
Only those companies who have dealt with such problems before and have a good record need to be contacted.
People who have already availed debt consolidation program may also be contacted to get details of the consolidation firms and the programs they offer.

However, when a person goes for debt consolidation program, it gets recorded in his credit report and stays there as long as the debtor is on the program.

How Debt consolidation affects credit

Whenever a person defaults in his payments, the same gets recorded. Similarly, if a debtor has undertaken a debt consolidation program and has maintained a steady payment, his regular payment details will get updated on the credit report. With the help of a debt consolidation program, all the debt accounts become current.

Finally, when the debts have been cleared, the debtor's credit report shows the same. This in turn has a positive impact on the credit score and consequently the score goes up. All financial activities performed by the debtor can be seen in the credit report - the good and the bad. However, having a bad credit does not mean that a person cannot take a loan again.

Last Updated on: Mon, 28 Sep 2015