Credit Counselling Services-Pros and Cons

Credit Counseling Services - The Good News

Consumer debt is one of the most pervasive and persistent problems facing consumers today.While credit is widely available,there are no courses on how to use that credit wisely. Consequently, consumers are running up high interest credit card debt and sometimes finding themselves unable to pay even the minimums due at the end of the month. The temptation to declare bankruptcy in these situations can be strong, but good, quality counseling from a reputable credit counselor can help even the most debt laden consumer eliminate their current debt and avoid running up debt in the future.

There is strong evidence to suggest that quality credit counseling has a positive impact on future consumer borrowing, budgeting and spending behaviors. Borrowers who received budget and financial counseling from quality credit counseling services reduced their debt and improved their credit score, compared to borrowers with a similar profile who did not receive credit counseling.Credit counselors not only help consumers to shed their current debt, but they also help consumers to avoid further debt and use credit more wisely in the future. This type of budgeting and credit education is part of the quality services provided by reputablecredit counselors.

Credit counselors provide their clients with a comprehensive budget review, along with a written action plan. The use of a written budget and tangible goals greatly increases the likelihood that these clients will remain debt free and that their credit scores will be improved in the future.

It is important for credit counselors to not only help their clients pay off their current debts and eliminate the current negative entries on their credit report, but to counsel them on how to handle credit wisely. As credit counselors and as consumers, we all know how easy it is to use credit cards to pay routine bills and how easy it is to get in over your head.

It is the responsibility of a reputable credit counseling service to make sure their clients are well schooled in the wise use of credit before they end the relationship with that client. Taking these steps to ensure consumers understand how credit works and how to use credit wisely is more important today than ever before. Levels of consumer debt continue to rise every year, and personal savings rates continue to fall. This formula is a recipe for disaster for many consumers, and the smallest emergency can set events in motion which can lead to financial problems or even bankruptcy. Counseling clients on how to make a budget and stick to it is a vital part of the services provided by credit counselors.

Last Updated on: Thu, 12 Jul 2012