Creditor Glossary

This page gives you a better understanding of the terms that you may have to encounter while dealing with our creditors database.
Aliases: This enables you to know the numerous other names of your creditors.
Address & Phone number: The debt consolidation care team and our customers are all actively helping us in accumulating all address and phone numbers of different creditors. This will enable you to have a direct correspondence with the creditors. If the field is empty we would appreciate your contribution with some valid information under the user notes.
Fair Share: The creditors pay a certain percentage of money to the debt consolidation firms as a compensation for their work in collection of debt amounts.This is known as Fair share.By directly interacting with the creditors you will be able to save the amount the creditors pay the debt consolidation companies as fair share.Under fair share there are two modes of payment.
Electronic payment: This is an electronic money transfer which is directly deposited in the creditors account. Many creditors prefer this mode of payment as this saves a lot of time and labor cost.
Paper check: This is the method where the debt consolidation agencies send the creditors payment in check.
Interest rate: On paying your creditor through a debt consolidation firm your interest rates are reduced.
Re age: This means renewing or updating your account and giving it a fresh status. In a debt settlement plan some creditors re age your account only after 3 months after they see that you are paying your bills regularly.
Acceptable payment: This is the minimum amount you need to pay a creditor when you are undergoing a new debt repayment policy.
Account numbers: This is a pattern which will help you to locate your creditor or a credit card company.
Notes: The notes section includes any new policy implemented by the creditor.

Last Updated on: Tue, 15 Dec 2015