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What is the worst thing that can happen when you are sued?

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I am being sued by citibank credit card. I live with my daughter and have no income, i have not been able to pay on this debt since oct2001, i am scared i have never had this happen to me. what is the worst thing will happen to me?

Well sorry, but someone who followed the Bill of Rights Article 7th probably didnt bother to read has nothing to do with paying bills.

I have been in other peoples shoes....I grew up in other peoples shoes...however I wont be gulliable and will ask questions if I dont understand what I am reading or signing.

Debts are not aways sold. Major creditors place accounts third party for collectitons which can and does result in being sued.

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My employer received garnishment papers today, served by a constable. The account is ancient; over 5 years but my ex discarded all old statements to prove. No court order in papers; have never been notified to appear b4 this smoke and mirrors by attorney?

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I too have been put off or scared away by the rudeness of certain Mods
This is not right.
I am glad you all are smarter than us "regular folk". But please do not treat us like garbage,

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if YOU have been garnished wages that means YOU have ignored all contacts with your creditors and local law offices.

this being said: its better to be sued on your full balance than to pay minimums forever tripling what you owe!

its even better to pay back your full balance than paying a debt consolidation company that will take your money plus pay off your interest over a period of time which is a 90% failure.

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You must check with the county court to see if there were indeed a lawsuit been filed against you or not? If you were improperly served you may have an option to contest the judgement based on that ground.

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If you get sued, is it required/recommended that you get a lawyer or can we do this in court ourselves?

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A law firm allegedly representing my cc company, sued with an S&C, which I answered timely with an Answer. They have now sent my Interrogatories, etc. that could take a lifetime to answer. I called the Clerk of Court in our County, and was advised that nothing was filed with the Court
What should I do with the Interrogatories...answer or not. I am preparing some Interrogatories for them also but maybe there is a better way to reach a settlement.
The Summons said the lawsuit would be handled by ADR but the lawsuit has not been filed?????

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who to contact to stop phone calls to family & friends about a debt owed?

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I cant pay my credit card , sent to collection agency I HAVE NO INCOME OR ASSETS ONLY A MONTHLY SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CHECK.

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The credit card company can sue your as long as the debt is under the legal statute of limitation. However, if you are living on social security disability income then it is exempted from garnishment.

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