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Zwicker and Associates hararssing me to repay all my debt

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I was contacted by Zwicker and Associates to collect an american express debt. They want the entire balance now. They looked up my credit report and are hounding me to transfer the amount to other credit card company balances. What are my options to repay this debt? They said if they do not get the total amount within 7 days they will start process to put a lien on my house and take me to court to collect the money through the courts.

I was just called by this company by a very nice collector, from Zwicker, on a debt that was with another collector just two months ago. I am unemployed and have been since Nov 09. Unemployment Insurance is not enough to keep a house going AND pay credit card debt and I told them that. I did not mention that I knew they were the SECOND collection agency for this account. Thank you for this forum and I will keep record of ALL calls from them from now on. Maybe after the economy recovers and the 10% of the US that is unemployed is again employed, they might get payed back for buying bad debt in a bad time. Until then, they can call and I will tell them the same thing.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Maybe after the economy recovers and the 10% of the US that is unemployed is again employed, they might get payed back for buying bad debt in a bad time. Until then, they can call and I will tell them the same thing.

Zwicker doesnt buy a lot of bad debt....they work on assignment. It is what they do.

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Zwicker is harassing me over a Discover debt which I have told Discover and them that I am willing and happy to pay, but they want pay amounts I could not ever afford. They have now started phoning my elderly mother at a number at which I have not lived in 25 years. They were bothering her as my father was on his death bed. They and Discover both suck. I'm thinking of spending my free time standing on prominent streetcorners with a sign that I am hungry and homeless in order to pay them, as I would have to be both in order to give them what they want. Think I'll put my PR and marketing degree to good use and give them a bad PR campaign worth way more than I owe them....

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Quite frankly, you cannot blame zwicker....they are doing the job they were hired to do. You signed a card holder agreement, agreeing to terms and what would happen if you defaulted.

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Quite frankly, no one signs card holder agreements for the ever changing terms of most credit cards, and I dare anyone to explain double cycle billing. Most people never intend to have trouble paying. Events like unemployment happen. Some credit card companies will work with you. Discover will not. Zwicker is actually looking for 45 % of my income, to pay off a single debt, and is unwilling to settle for any less. I would have to rate them as heartless, soulless scum who feed on the evil usury of unscrupulous sharks like Discover in order to make a bloody buck. In my case, incidentally, what little I actually spent on my card (on luxuries like dental care and car repairs) is less than half of my balance with interest and fees.

Zwicker may or may not actually violate privacy and collection laws, but they certainly stretch their limits, as well as human decency. I think it's more than fair to blame them for it. It should be possible to do debt collection with some sort of a moral or ethical code.

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Yes Zwicker sucks and per other posters does not even take your offer to Discover. Send them letter stating you wish to elect Arbitration, this will keep out of court house and piss off Zwicker (boo hoo).

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I had my card for over 20 years, during which time I was considered such a good customer that discover kept increasing my credit limit to far past what I earned. During that time, I tried to keep my account paid up in full monthly, but when I'd made bigger purchases and accumulated balances, I had twice paid off acct in full. I had elected to keep Discover when I had got rid of other cards. When I was laid off for almost 2 years, I managed to make minimum payments for as long as I was able, often not paying other bills to do so. When I called to ask if they'd cancel the acct and let me pay off balance in payments I could afford, they gave me to a rude woman who yelled at and insulted me. It pisses me off when people take the position that you knowingly got yourself into debt and deserve any repercussions, when the truth is that you have no desire to be in debt-- that all you want is some fairness in dealing with it....

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Zwicker & Associates is certainly not trying to collect a debt when it calls me -- they know that I am unable to pay a single penny, and they know that I am suffering from disability (in part due to anxiety & stress), and they deliberately call at 8am every single day, just to harass me. They refuse to honor my cease & desist letter.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do: Chase has paid them to harass me, and they're just going to call every single day until my phone is disconnected (and then if I ever get another phone, I'm sure they'll find it and continue to call me without mercy).

Paul Zwicker and the scum he employs are unethical and evil.

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How can calling you be harrassment? You owe a debt and yes, zwicker is paid to collect on calling you is doing their job.

If you did send a cease and desist letter, take your green receipt and copy of the letter and hire an attorney to pursue them on a FDCPA violations.

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i was just called by someone from there too.. you wont believe this. i have been paying $250 a month out of my bank account and the account payments would regularly be less then half of that. I dont know if he sees i have some credit cards that are paid down on my credit bureau but what he wont see on there is that i cant use the credit. I made an agreement with all my creditors to stop using the cards in exchange for a pay plan with them also. So even though they show some credit, i cant use the cards. uggh..this guy annoys me. I am going to wait..if he takes me to court i will show my income and bills and my payment will probably even go down a bit Everything was fine..made my payments on time except when my dad passed and i dont understand this call and threat to take me to court. oh..he also said discover asked him to go after the whole balance. i just spoke to them,. They said they did no such thing. i cant wait for this thing to be paid off.
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