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Has any one heard of legal mediation services in flordia or know anything about them they are threatening jail time for a payday loan

Ok, so I had a payday loan. I had some major medical problems and couldn't pay back the loan. My bank account was closed for medical reasons, well that was the cause my checkes bounced and my account was closed. I've been trying to repay the bank and the bounced checks but living on a very limited income (social security) makes it very difficult. I'm not planning on "not" paying all my debts but I get this phone call from my father saying someone had left a message on his phone looking for me. He called them back and they wouldn't tell him anything but did mention someone had filed a complaint with them.

Today I called them and got this real jerk, Tom Law... with Legal Mediation Services. Key word, MEDIATION... there was no mediation involved here... this guy was the rudest person I've ever talked to on earth. He explained what firm he was with.. LMP and that someone had filed a complaint. I asked who it was. Allied Cash Advance he says and continues to say that I had written a bad check and closed my bank account which is against the law. He gave me until 6 pm today (8-27) to send the money... $315.00

I tried to explain to him that in no way could I get the money to him by that time and that I would like to make some kind of payment arrangements. He said they don't do payment arrangments and asked if I could get one of my references to go get a payday loan to pay mine off. LOL ( guess he is drumming up business for his clients) I told him I still couldn't get the money to him today and he interupted me and said "so what you're saying is that you want me to file a refusal to pay" I screamed back at him and said no thats not what I'm saying! he said, I'll just file it today then and said, goodby and hung up.

I called Allied cash advance and asked to speak to the manager. I explained to her what had happened and she laughed and said, call them back and speak to somone else. They should take payment arrangements. I told her how hostile this Tom Law guy was. She said well they are just doing they job and can't tell whos telling the truth like I was.

I called back and got some joker who acted very unprofessional on the phone. He spoke in slang like some gangster and didn't understand what I was saying. I had asked to speak to anyone besides Tom Law. He asked me if I'd like to speak to his supervisor which I replied, sure. Well Mr. Law got on the phone so I just hung up.

I'm worried to the max. I don't want to end up in court or in jail for the bad check. I'm not trying to avoid paying my debt, I just don't have the money right now but can afford some sort of payment arrangments which they flat out denied to work with me.

So my question is, what is going to happen now? What can I expect from these idiots?

Oh and from what I read, I'm not some jerk that planned on writting bad checks. It happend because of some medical crap that happened which I won't get into here but it's caused me all sorts of problems with this payday loan place.

Can they attach my social security check for repayment? I can't hardly afford to live now on what I get and if they attach my checks, I'll be living on the streets or dead.

I hope someone can help out with answering these questions. All this had caused my medical condition to flare up and make things worse for me.

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webwizzard_1 webwizzard_1

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all that will happen is the file will go back to alied as being unpaid. thats all !!!!,

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how much work and expense do you think a company in jacksonville florida is going to spend on an account that they may get 50.00 commission? do you really think they would try to cross state lines for this low amount even if they could >?

Sub: #113 posted on Tue, 08/28/2007 - 19:13


if you have the them and say you just called to say hey,,,talk for a little,,,ask questions...and when they finally end the call,,,,call back. and, if you have the time, continue to call...and just say "Hi", "just want to get more info about your company" etc...(make up questions) make sure they know who you are...and then they finally ask you to quit calling request that THEY send YOU a cease and desist letter, and offer a fax number to them. :-) I've done this before and it works. A collector does NOT want to waste his time on you any more than he has to because all people at LMP work on "straight commission" after a day or so you will no longer be bothered by LMP. Do Not Get Intimidated about these people.

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Well, Legal Mediation Practice is owned by a company called AIS. And, I saw today that AIS listed my account in collections on my credit report, even though I am working with a dmp to pay off the IPDL they are collecting for-Cash Supply. So, these people are for real.

Sub: #115 posted on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 11:15

debtfreein08 debtfreein08

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debtfree you now have them on another violation of law.They placed that account on your report after receiving your validation request. Now do a credit bureau dispute and you can rack up another fdcpa violation as well as a couple Fcra violations.I am telling you with enough evidence a lawyer will make them go away forever.

Sub: #116 posted on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 12:32

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Well, I mean, I do owe Cash Supply money. And, I am paying them through the dmp. But, when I called AIS, and said that they put the record on my credit report, the woman I talked to said that they could do that. How do I do a credit bureau dispute, and what are my grounds?

Sub: #117 posted on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 12:34

debtfreein08 debtfreein08

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go back through this blog and you will see that LMP is owned by two people. they don't even report on credit bureaus, they have to be over 1000 debtors that they would report of a month to be able to report. all they have is threats....

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They are probably using a third party to report to credit bureaus,but they are still in violation for reporting a disputed debt to the bureaus.Of course they will tell you they can do it. Hire a consumer attorney and sue them for their illegal acts.This will get rid of them quickly.

Sub: #119 posted on Thu, 08/30/2007 - 03:59

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Okay, so how do I dispute the violation to my credit report? And, where can I hire a consumer attorney?

Sub: #120 posted on Thu, 08/30/2007 - 06:24

debtfreein08 debtfreein08

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