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Has any one heard of legal mediation services in flordia or know anything about them they are threatening jail time for a payday loan

favorite phrase to tell someone is "do you know how much trouble your in?" or "thats not my problem" when the person is expaining why he or she may not have all the money they want...that month...that an hour or "you will be dealt with from your local county courts...according your your stat law...for writing outstanding checks". To the average person of low education this is saying to him that he is accused of writing bad checks and for this check to the payday load that lmp is collecting; he could go to jail.

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When they start practicing collections in accordance with the fdcpa rules,then there will not be a problem with us telling everyone about their illegal methods of getting money out of people.

Sub: #82 posted on Fri, 06/01/2007 - 04:23

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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I just received a call from Legal Mediation Practice. I still owe half of a loan I borrowed. I gave them a voided check and when I was late on the loan the check was sent to the bank for payment, but returned. The person I spoke a supervisor was rude and arrogant. He theaten that if I didn't pay the loan by 5:00 pm today that I would be delt with at work or home. He told me the voided chech was like writing a check and it was against the law. I also had to cancel my bank account, because they were sending the checks to my bank and the bank was charging fee's. I live in PA I'm not sure what the law's are for Faud or what ever they want to call it. What information do I need to know before I pay the remaining amount of this loan.

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according to federal law you have the right not to be harrassed by creditors. Simply ask for the address they are calling from. Write and send a letter to them stating that you can not accept phone calls at home or work. request that all correspondence be by mail. Some will even try to contact your supervisors like the "Mrs. Harrison" did to me. I was trying to set up a payment arrangment with her and she refused. She kept saying I was going to be sued and then thrown in jail. I contacted the attorney generals office for my state and they said that was absurd. It is NOT illegal to owe someone money. They can sue you. But GUESS WHAT! the judge can only make you pay it back in a payment plan that you can afford.Listen people fall onto hard times. Payday loan places know this and they prey on those people. So it is best to just stay away from them.

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I also recieved a call and the same tactic were used . they are falsely represetning themselselves and lying to people....

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I just received the phone call as well my first time getting this call. I called my Pastor and asked him about this information. He told me the same thing TO ASK THEM TO SEND ME SOMETHING IN WRITING SO I CALLED BACK AND DID JUST THAT THIS DORIS DANIELS got mad and hung the phone up in my face. I'm pondering now shall I continue to harrass them like they harass me. And the whole situation was for unorthodoax of how they did this to me. It's like I went in to make my usual payment to get the big payment and ALL OF A SUDEEN THE RULES CHANGED without a warning or nothing. There was no solution or any options to pay BUT THE WHOLE AMOUNT. I can now exhale...I just typed this information in the system LEGAL MITIGATION PRACTICE. And you guys came up...LIFE SAVER!~'s the number 904-387-3187.

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Everyone contacted by Legal Mediation Practice should record the call (if legal) and get a lawyer. I hit them hard one time and am waiting for more cases to walk in the door. This company needs to be hit with claim after claim before they will even think about changing.

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texaslawyer texaslawyer

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what is the ftc number?

Sub: #88 posted on Sun, 07/08/2007 - 16:18


Go to and click on consumer protection.

Sub: #89 posted on Sun, 07/08/2007 - 19:03

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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I live in PA. and my husband's supervisor got a call from LMP this morning telling him to give my husband the following message, "he needs to call Ms. Jackson with Legal Mediation Practice at (800)-201-0565 ext. #284 to avoid legal action against him. His supervisor did give him the message and he was highly upset to say the least. I'm almost positive that in the state of Pennsylvania, debt collectors cannot harrass you at your place of employment. I called Ms. Jackson's extension on behalf of my husband and a man answered the phone and he claimed he was taking her calls because she was in a meeting. Of course, all calls are recorded on their end. I asked what this was about and he told me it was regarding a payday loan from "2005" from Flexcheck. I did tell him that Flexcheck went out of business in our area and the phone number on the contract was disconnected but, that fell on deaf ears. He wanted payment by 5:00 p.m. today. He wanted payment by Visa/debit card or Western Union or Moneygram. I told him we wouldn't have that kind of money by 5:00 p.m. today and he told me to tell my husband to hire an attorney as he is going to put it in his file as refusal to pay and legal action will be taken against him. I told him we're not refusing to pay but, we cannot pay the entire amount, he didn't want to hear that either. He was strong arming me for about 10 minutes when I decided I have had enough. I finally had to tell him to do what he had to do as we a have a very good attorney and I hung up on him. We didn't refuse to pay but, he wouldn't except anything but the full amount. They left a message earlier this morning on our machine that I just listened to and it was Ms. Jackson telling my husband to call her at the above number and extension, she also stated that this was time sensitive and she needed his recorded statement. She said, "if you do not call back today, good luck to you". I just recently was released from the hospital and this is not something that we needed, especially after 2 years since this company gave us the loan and soon thereafter went out of business. I will be contacting my state's Attorney General's office about LMP. Good luck to anyone that has to deal with these unethical people.

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