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AMO Recoveries - What allegations have people made against them?

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Has anyone heard of AMO Recoveries in Norcross, GA? According to the BBB they have an unsatisfactory record. I received an AMO debt collection notice for $32.02 on a credit card and all the letter states is that AMO Recoveries has been informed that the account is past due, and DO YOU INTEND ON PAYING THIS DEBT? Their address is 7067 W Broward Blvd. Suite C Plantation, Florida 33317. I think a debt validation letter is in order. If anyone has heard of AMO Recoveries, please let me know.

I paid a bill on time in 2005 and AMO recoveries started calling me over a year later, in Jan. 2007, saying I hadn't paid. I sent proof from my bank statement, but they weren't satisfied. I had to call or fax different people over 30 times to create a paper trail proving that I had paid my bill. At one point they lied to me on the phone saying I had paid in Dec. 06, so I sent them a fax proving otherwise, and they never apologized, just came up with new reasons not to fix my credit score.

Finally one of their reps admitted that I had indeed paid them in 05. They said they would fix my credit report and mail me proof. Instead, they did nothing, and a month later started calling me again telling me to pay them.

The amount I paid them is 725 dollars, and they keep trying to extort double my money from me. Just today they lied again and said that the website I paid my bill on would only credit the hospital directly, not them. I called the website and they confirmed the opposite, they only pay AMO, which is supposed to pay the hospital themselves.

So I gave AMO money in 05 which they kept but did not pay the hospital apparently. This is the worst company of any kind I have ever experienced. I have no idea how any of them sleep at night.

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That sux! Go here and find yourself a good consumer attorney. Give lawyer all that proof you have been collecting and sue them fools since they seem to love breaking the law so much.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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I left the collection agency business last year after 30 years. As a senior executive of AMO Recoveries, I can tell you that not only AMO, but most all agencies use the tactic that the money must always be sent to them for proper credit. Call the original hospital that you owed as ask for the patient accounts manager. tell them exactly what happened and they will recall the account from amo. if that doesn't work, contact the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. They will assist you and at the very least, make AMO stop. Good luck.

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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has referred my defaulted Perkins student loan to AMO Recoveries for collection. The original amount of my bill was $2200.00. AMO Recoveries added nearly double that amount onto the original bill via fees, etc. I contacted UWM to arrange payment of the original $2200.00 in full, instead of paying nearly double that to AMO Recoveries. UWM declined, stating that since the debt was 29 months overdue and that I cannot deal with the University and must go through AMO Recoveries exclusively.
The debt is so overdue because I have had serious prolonged financial trouble and have been unemployed or working temporary jobs for many years. I have resolved that now and can pay the original Perkins student loan in full.
Is there a way that I can persuade, even force, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to accept payment in full of the original $2200.00 Perkins student loan and bypass AMO Recoveries, along with their exorbiant additions, entirely?

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-Decency is not Dead-
I am having almost the same problem as you, with University of WI-Platteville. In 2001, I had to drop out of classes after 4 weeks after I found out my financial aid wasnt going to go through. They told me too bad, It was 1 week after the drop date and I would still owe for the full semester at $1400! Right after I dropped it took me awhile to get back on my feet, but once I did I contacted UWP to make payment arrangements. I UNDERSTOOD that I would have some interest charges that I would have to pay. But when I called them to set up the payments, they had already sold my account to a collection agency that was now telling me I owed them $4500! I asked UWP if I could just pay them directly, and they said NO.

But, imagine my surprise when 6 YEARS LATER (this past Feb.), that agency gives up & GIVES my acct back to UWP! I found out because they actually garnished my state refund check, but I was ecstatic anyways because UWP sent me a letter saying I owed $2450 (which I thought was reasonable) and I was just so happy the account was back with Platteville.... or so I thought. Not even a week later I got a letter from a new collector (AMO recoveries) stating I owed them the $2450! I was mad but since it was the same amount I figured hey I'll just pay it & get it over with... so I call my "assigned collection" lady who I tell I can only pay $1900 right now & would like to pay $100 a month after that. She states she needs me to fax the written letter stating this, & she would forward to Platteville to see if they would accept. Ok so I did that. But in the meantime, they sent me a NEW letter (1 week after the 1st letter) stating I now owed $3700! I was furious and called the lady & said I have one letter dated the 4th stating I owe $2450 from AMO & 6 DAYS LATER another letter from AMO stating I owe $3700! She tells me "oh UWP called & told us we forgot to add the collection fees on, theres no way around paying those!". Why would UWP call to make sure AMO collected $1250 in fees? The lady states I need to call her back by Thurs to let her know how I plan to proceed, but now I dont know what too do....

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Maybe everyone should get a fresh start every 5 years. Everyone has bills, even debt collectors someone is collecting from them to. Its like we all chase each other for the dollar. Sort of like a d :d og who chases his tail. "dont worry be happy"

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kt-if I am reading that correctly, did you already pay it once??

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Leah Leah

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Well the amount of my state refund check was only $550, so after they garnished that I still owed $2450. Which is still a lot more than what I originally owed, but I was willing to pay it. Now it's w/ AMO and obviously a lot higher.

I just dont think it should be legal for collection agencies to tack such huge fees on a debt w/ no apparent justification for the amounts.... Why doesnt the government regulate what amount of fees a collection agency can add to a debt? It doesnt make sense to me.

Does anyone know if theres any statute of limitations or end of reporting period for tuition debt? Because maybe Platteville would take my debt back if they knew they were getting to the end of that???

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[font=Times New Roman][/font][color=Violet][/color][size=3][/size][size=6][/size][jus tify:c4abfca545] :twisted: I can definately sympathize with your predicament. I was employed at an area hospital. Not long after I was contacted by the local constable with a court summons. AMO was suing me for the hospitals bills for my family that had been sent to my (now X) husband, or not sent at all. My insurance at the time had payed and I had not seen any bills. I was put on a joint account with him and we both were assigned parts of the grand total. I have been the only one trying to pay it and he has been getting off scott-free, but yet I get the greife from the agents because I am a "single" mother that falls behind every few months or so. Hey at least I am trying to pay them for bills I didn't know about and support the "now two" children that he doesn't help me with. In the grand scheem of things they are lucky that they get $10 a month, and they wanted over $1oo. :lol: Sometimes some people make me sick. :cry: [/justify:c4abfca545]

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I had a truck in a divorce that went to my ex-husband. He hasn't paid a dime and now AMO is trying to recover the funds. The lady is trying to tell me that they will garnish my wages and not even take me to court for it. I have also asked repeatedly if the vehicle was repossessed but she would avoid the question until today when she told me it was. I don't know if she's just lying or what. Any advice?

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