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Out of curiosity stemming from recent issues with people claiming to be attorneys and really not, does anyone know anything about a Thomas K. Bamford from Dallas? There's a really annoying "Ms. Davis" that works for them, calls in the middle of the day, and when I tell her my husband is at work - what, people that can't pay their bills don't work now?? - she hangs up before I can extract any more information from her so he can be better-informed when and if he decides to return her call!


I'm ready to un-list our number :roll:

here are some other debt relief tips:

1. if you own a home and have a good payment history look into payment deferral or a refinance.

2. always try to pay the balance, yet if that isn't possible ask for a settlement. be adamant, they'll come down more than you'd think.

3. if you need a low monthly arrangement and you have a credit card you could roll the balance on to. do that and then work out a low monthly arrangement with that creditor. this clears up the past due debt and turns it into good credit on your credit report.

4. Borrow the money from a friend/relative. pay them back and get your account out of an attorney's office.

5. if you're living on a fixed income.(ie... social security/disability/unemployment.) tell the people this right upfront. most attorney's will back off and work out a good deal.

6. verification of debt isn't a stall tactic or even a reality after the first 30 days. you have 30 days for respond to the initial correspondence. after that, attorney's aren't entitled to verify anything. usually they request that you send your dispute in writing along with why you're disputing it. providing proof that the account is placed in error or invalid never hurts.

7. STAY IN TOUCH WITH THEM. this is probably the most important thing you can do. you want to stop getting beat up on the phone? establish a good relationship with them from the start. ignoring the calls only furthers their "tough guy" approach to collecting the money because they feel they may not be able to work out anything if they can't get the money RIGHT NOW.

i have more tips, this is just a start. hit me up if you need more help.

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I was advised to send a letter stating : Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, please do not contact me regarding my account.
My mother and I have been repeatedly harrassed by many of them. They are rude and extremely disrespectful. Look up this Act on line as well as on Wikipedia -the Free Encyclopedia- and look up debt buyers. It's been known and there are cases that these companies do not care about the consumer or do not wish to negotiate on any terms. They are there for themselves. They show no compassion. They like to use scare tactics to get what they want. Don't be afraid. You have rights too. There are difficult times in our lives where were are unable to pay all our bills, so we only pay what we MUST pay to survive-food, shelter, clothing... Then when we want to get back on track as to paying our CC bills, we come to find out that our bills have been tripled. How do they expect us to really pay now? If they really wanted their money they would simply ask for the original balance. But they want MORE MONEY...they want to PROFIT out of your difficult circumstances. They are evil, selfish crooks. You won't go to jail. You have to show them that you too are aggressive and will fight, and do not give them your checking or savings account numbers. They will try to set up a monthly payment to be deducted automatically, but instead they will take out as much as they can fast. If they won't accept what YOU can pay and that you will send a check to them, then don't continue the conversation.

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Yesterday, I began representing a lady who received a threatening collection phone call from a "Ms. Houston", "Mr. Bamford's secretary", last Saturday. I somehow don't think that Mr. Bamford (age 83, a licensed Texas attorney since 1951, a State Bar address different from that listed on "his" collection letter) employs a Ms. Houston. I am still investigating. If you have any information that you would like to provide, please email me at ***, or call me

Personal info removed for your safety - Mike

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I have recieved calls form Ms. Houston also claiming to be with Mr. Bamfords office. The suspicious thing is that the company who was collecting on this particular debt says they still own it, so how can Bamford say they are the collectors on it too. Two collectors can't own it at the same time.

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This is to 3rdpartycollector: You are not telling the truth. I moved to a new town and was assigned a new phone number. It is my assumption that I was given a phone number that had previously been assigned to a person that your "attorney's office" is trying to locate because your "office" has called me nearly every day since I've had the telephone number that was assigned to me in April. I have informed the person on the other end from your "office" that I am the new recipient of this telephone number but they just keep hanging up and calling back asking the same stupid question. They call 2-3 times a day. If this persists, I will file a lawsuit against your "company" including
restitution for any and all costs associated with it. Wise up and do a better job of investigating phone numbers before your repeatedly harass the wrong people. :evil:

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Dixified,send them a full cease & desist letter certified return receipt.If they continue to call,record if it is legal in your state.If it is not legal in your state,start a phone log stating date,time,number,and what was said during each call.Turn over your evidence to an attorney for lawsuit.Another idea to gain you some peace & quiet is to call your phone company to file harassment against this company which would allow them to block number at the phone company office.

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These people call me 4-6 times per day. I spoke with them and told them I could not take care of the debt at the moment, and they tried pressure me into making promises to pay them. I asked them not to call me at work, but they do it anyway. That is against the law since I told them my company doesn't approve of it. Not to mention, he has called my FUTURE mother-in-law and harassed her. These people are awful, and I cannot believe that they operate under the guise of an attorney's name! I owe the money, and I fully intend to pay it, but I would love to screw these jerks to the wall. :!: :!:

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I am having the same problem with Mr. Banford's office. They called my cell when I was out of town on Saturday, and when I returned home, I found that they had also called my parent's house, my grandmother's house and my COLLEGE ROOMMATE from 8 years ago. How is that even possible? Anyway, I called them back and they are EXTREMELY RUDE there. They want me to pay a very old credit card that I didn't even remember about. I told them that my ex husband was supposed to help with it, but didn't, they said they didn't care. They want me to pay a lump sum that just isn't possible in my financial state. I asked what happens if I can't pay (I asked to make payments and they said no) and he said he would turn it over...but wouldn't tell me to whom, or what happens then. I'm a little nervous b/c I want them to quit harrassing my family and friends, but can't pay the amount they are asking. He also said he needed to hear back from me by Wednesday, then he hung up on me! What do I do!?!?

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There is a Ms. Brown at Mr. Bamford's office who is very rude. She called my house for my son on many occasions and was told he moved. She said that this was the only number she had and will continue to call no matter what till he calls her back. I told her it was harassment for her to continue to call my home and she said the calls would continue. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Section 1691d: A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Ms. Brown please stop calling.

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[color=DarkRed]Profane post deleted. IP under observation - Mike[/color]

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