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Out of curiosity stemming from recent issues with people claiming to be attorneys and really not, does anyone know anything about a Thomas K. Bamford from Dallas? There's a really annoying "Ms. Davis" that works for them, calls in the middle of the day, and when I tell her my husband is at work - what, people that can't pay their bills don't work now?? - she hangs up before I can extract any more information from her so he can be better-informed when and if he decides to return her call!


I'm ready to un-list our number :roll:

Guest, depends on what the "legally binding" contract says whether it will "hold up in court" or not. So what, if there are some deadbeats? That's not generally a criminal act. However, I've seen many a collector hauled into court for breaking the law, and having to pay up for various violations of state a federal law.

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Yeah! You are right, they DON'T call when the bill is first late. Noooo....When my husband lost his job and I had to try and support both of us, the first thing I did was call the creditors and you know what? How funny, not ONE would work with me to lower payments so that we would not fall behind. Why? Well, gee, because I was current and oh by golly, so sorry we can't help you if you aren't behind...I'm not making that up either! No, FIRST I have to be behind...THEN they want to try and work out a payment plan...of course this is AFTER they tag on a couple grand in fees! Imagine that. So, you know what, screw em. What do I care now, hell my credit is screwed anyway now.

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If you do work for them, then why the hell can't you guys give me the info I have requestd TWICE? I kept my end of the deal by paying if off, now I need something from YOU all and you won't budge? Quick to take the payments but not send a simple payoff letter? Or how its going to be taken off my husbands credit?

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If you have tried to work with any lawyer and have feel they are "bullying" you or treating you badly, call the State Bar for lawyer of your state. Someone there will advise you what your rights are, what you can and cannot do, what steps to take and how to take them.
Be sure to mention the content of your conversation. For example, a request for more information on the debt, their lack of response to questions, and so on.
The State Bar will give you advise. Be sure to follow it and keep records of all conversations. Ask the Bar what further steps you can take to prevent further harassment.
This law firm seems to think they can treat people anyway they please. Fight back.

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Ist of all this Thomas K Bamford is a francise of Collector America in Denver Co. They and Rannefeld & Associates in Addison,TX
Bamford is locate in Richardson,TX.Both collection agency want u to this they are all Attorney that a bald face Lie. THEY ARE COLLECTORS Using alias names.The atty theyowns the THe Bamford Firm is 90 yrs old.THe other guy who owns Rannefeld is not An Atty Bill Estrich he cant pass the bar exam. The Atty at Rannefeld in Addison he an Family law attywho live in Ft Worth Tx. his Name is Blue Rannefeld. Both are scammers don't pay them anything they areliers and cheatand treat there employees like crapp.I hope you guy file againest them with fair debt collect act, and with State of Tx attorney general. They lie on there employees

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Wow...right around the corner from me. Want me to pay them a visit? I have a few Italian friends whose middle name is "The". You know....Jimmy "the" Knife, Victor "the" Gimp...... :twisted:

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I have been talking to a Ms. Houston VERY VERY rude person. I have a returned check(had some major medical bills) she is demanding payment today(Wednesday) she will not wait until Friday wehn I get paid. She says it will go to the DA tomorrow am and that i will have huge problems. I would like to avoid this so I called and asked to speak with attorney Bamford so that I can explain the problem and see if he would wait until Friday. She said he was in court all day and would NOT speak with debtors. I them asked for the owner Mike Graves. She hung up. She called back and gave me money gram information. I have to pay it to graeline not attorney bamford's office. They told me DO NOT pay Friday if i can't today they will sue and not accept it. I CAN pay Friday, should I or wait to see if they really sue me?

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I continuously get voice mails from this same company demanding my lawyers name. Well my attorney is the state attorney genreral of florida. My husband fell and fx his neck and has a spinal cord injury. My income fell to just mine. i struggled paying what i could pay. But because while he was in the hospital i was late on some payments. So the bill started adding up. I called 2 of the banks and tried to make arrangements. one of them was providian that agreed to wipe out all of the late fees etc if i gave her 600.00 payment that day. So i did and you know what happened they lied and payments continued to climb. and also the payment i gave them caused me to neglect another bill which i just could not do. So the more i tried the more bank of america and providian made me a failure. my other creditors worked with me and i am still paying them today. It is tough deciding to buy meds and groceries and just work to live. This can happen to anyone. While the banks get help from our government when they are in trouble , there is no one we can turn to when such an emergency arises. Thank you to the creditors who work with me and shame on the banks whom have taken advantage of people and the bill collectors that cant get a better job than harass sick american people. Keep calling i have caller id and if i dont know the number you can ring all day. And for the one that calls my job , well you will be recorded and sent to the florida state attorney general.

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Calls my phone every 12 hours. I had never been late on a bill in my whole life until last year when I was stricken with an illness, then I lost everything, my business and any income I had. I am in the process of trying to get disability, which I have explained to these people, and this past year has been the worst year of my life, I am very very sick and what little help I can get is from my mom. How disgusting that these people would harrass a sick person on the verge of barely getting food day and night. I did send them a payment for $400 and have explained to them my illness and they even called every 12 hours while I was in the hospital! I cannot believe people like this can even sleep at night.
Do they think I don't want to pay my bill?!?I went 47 years without ever being late. Do they think I want to be sick and be in and out of the hospital?! All I can say is wow, there will be a special place for these people when they die.

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Get their address. Send them a letter saying you are very ill and disabled. You have no assets and no income. Tell them they are not allowed to contact you anymore.

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