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United Recovery Systems is calling me up. Who are they?

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Ok so now my brother calls me and says i have a message on HIS answering machine. So he lets me listen to it.... first of all they ask for me using my maiden name! I have been married for 23 years!! WTH? And secondly, i do NOT have any outstanding bills.... only negative i've ever had was the lovely CACH!
So what do i do now? Call them? Umm... never mind, i'm NOT calling them!!!!
Let them find me if they dare! *evil laff*
Anyone hear of them? I did a search here but all i came up with is they're a CA in Houston, TX.... not much info on them.
Who is United Recovery Systems and Collections?

Goldenbast-you stated exactly why I have NO sympathy for ANYONE who works for bottom feeders, or for any bank, credit card company anything like that period! Big business writes off losses on their taxes and it does not hurt them in the least and then they get bailouts from the government WITH MY tax dollars. Then they screw over anyone with problems and basically tell them "tough shit". I filed bankrupt for most of the exact reasons as the person above you and NO ONE cared. I did what I could and then ended up filing bankrupt and I have NO REGRETS whatsoever for any company that got screwed by me, NONE! Business does NOT care about the real working class public so I do NOT care if they are hurting either. If they stop raising rates to where the average worker could never afford they maybe they would get their money back.

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nesecito recuperal mi faceboock me cambiaron la conterce??a

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This is the legal settlement for a 240k fine for them issued by FTC. There is a required hotline to compain within this document. http://www.ftc.go v/os/2002/04/unitedconsent.pdf
URS (United Recovery Systems) Complaint hotline mandated by FTC = Contact Center address is 3100 South Gessner, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77063 and the
toll-free number is 800-352-7469.
Douglas B Schultz CEO and Director at United Recovery Systems, Inc.
MEMBER at Smiley Management, LLC General Partner at Summerset Enterprises, L.P.
Dan R Cantine President at United Recovery Systems, Inc. Houston, TX

Glenn Osuch PRESIDENT at United Recovery Systems, Inc. Houston, TX

George Williams Chief Financial Officer at United Recovery Systems, Inc. Houston, TX

Jim Wiseman Treasurer at United Recovery Systems, Inc. Houston, TX

Bill Schneider Director at United Recovery Systems, Inc. Houston, TX

John Westerhausen Secretary at United Recovery Systems, Inc. Houston, TX

Jim Crawford Vice-President at United Recovery Systems, Inc.

Attorneys for United Recovery Systems (URS)
Fulbright & Jaworski
801 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Washington, D.C. 20004
Federal Trade Commission Attorney who sued URS
Texas Bar No. 03932300
Southwest Region
Federal Trade Commission
1999 Bryan Street, Suite 2150
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 979-9350
(214) 953-3079 (facsimile)

Let your voice be heard and they will be fined again by FTC

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Don't send them a dime! they charge you interest and handling fees!! Send them a certified letter telling them not to call you or family friends put there address and your address acct# on the letter and the date You only want them to contact you by mail.This is federal law ,they can only contact you one time after this letter

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Please look at the dates of the thread before you respond. You're responding to a thread that was originally posted nearly 5 years ago and has been inactive for over a year.

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We moved recently and just had them call us. I called them back to have them taken off the call list, thinking they were a telemarketer and then they asked about a family member they were trying to track down. it was legit. this family member owed money, didn't pay, now they have this collection agency after them.. who knows how they got our name/number but they are sure good at tracking folks down. scary

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there is nothing legit about this bottomfeeder,but thanks for stopping by though.

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