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anyone every dealt with them? they are representing LVNV funding...

okay, so what happens if you know you owe the debt and want to pay it off but it is sitting in Borack office?

Do i send them a DV letter? if he takes me to court and loses. what happen to the money i owe? Will it be discharge and change on my CR (sorry, i think i am just wishful thinking.)

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changetobedebtfree changetobedebtfree

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I'm going to a Borack/LVNV pre-trial hearing tomorrow morning - and I'm as mad as a hornet - because these Borack & Assoc. morons (representing LVNV Funding) are trying to collect money from me on a credit card bill I paid off almost 5 years ago - - and I've even provided them with a copy of my cancelled check!! These idiots dug up a "zombie debt mailing list" and first filed a court case against me for this NON-OWED debt in the wrong county, and now they are trying here in my county where I live. I am ARMED with all inds of paperwork and federal trade and collections' laws info. I'll let you know what happens - I plan to prevail, and send them back to Maitland, FL with their nuts in a box!

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Ok.......I've seen this 'Zombie debt' thing on the forum, the last few days. Can someone please explain what Zombie Debt means? Correct me if I'm wrong please, but.......does it mean a debt that is so old that the SOL had expired?

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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I PAID them because owe SEARS money. I end up saving more money by paying a settlement.
My representative name is JEN. She was helpfull.

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Zombies are beyond SOL and Federal reporting period

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you paid borack? were they nice to you? did they try to take you to court??? not sure what number to call them. any suggestion?

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changetobedebtfree changetobedebtfree

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Borack & Associates try to intimidate and come off ruthless. My debt was valid but I had went through a divorce and was struggling. I told them I could make XX amount per month. The lady told me that was not acceptable, they didn't do monthly payments either have the money to them by a certain date or they were suing. I told the lady well I don't have it so I guess I'll see you in court. She kept calling, do you have the money yet and I kept telling her the same thing. A week before the court date she calls and says you need to have your parents or someone take out a loan so you can pay us, sell something, anything. I told her what I had told her many times before. The day before court she calls and ask me could I still make the payments I had suggested before. I told her yes. That's why I'm paying them now. Don't ignore them and don't let them bully you.

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No one bullies anyone! If someone owed you thousands of $$ in debt would you not be ruthless in your efforts to collect it back?!

You debtors sit on all these forums discussing how "bad" we are or whatever! But in case you forgot...YOU ARE THE ONES WHO TOOK MONEY, BOUGHT THINGS, AND NEVER RE-PAID THE MONEY!! In the real world that's called STEALING!! IMO it should not be a civil matter it should be criminal!! There should be jail time for stealing from someone!

Yes, we suggest anyway we can for you to get the money to pay it back....beg, borrow or sell! The reason we would rather go to court is so we can get our judgement. that can stay with you up to 20 years if the client so sees fit.

I have been with this firm for 2 years, and I love it here. The people are good and honest. We are only given so much info sometimes to go on with these files. And when you are ignorant (like most debtors are) to this field, you put blame on everyone else except yourself.

A good way to keep bill collectors off your back is to PAY YOUR BILLS!!!!! Point the finger at yourself and not us...we didn't create this mess for you!

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Anonymous Collector, why don't you just go crawl back into your little collector cube and shut up!

Believe me, we have heard it all from you CA shills and I don't know why you people continue to come on this website posting your hate-filled spew without knowing what you're talking about. Do you think you're going to make us cry? Or maybe you're just trying to impress your other zombie CA friends?

Whatever the reason, you're a joke and it's a waste of your time to post your drivel.

The majority of posts I have read on this site are from people that do want to pay their bills, and are unable due to circumstances beyond their control. I don't think I have read one serious post on this site from someone advocating just not paying your bills because you don't want to. What I have seen are people coming here because they have been the victim of shady CA's that want to violate the law (yes the fdcpa, as out of date as it is, is still a law) and are looking for answers as to what their rights are and how to handle being shaken down by some CA that thinks is the mafia.

And I'm glad this site is here!

As for your comment:
IMO it should not be a civil matter it should be criminal!! There should be jail time for stealing from someone!

Well, you know what they say opinions are like . . . .

I also feel it should also be a criminal matter when a CA's harasses a debtor that's going through medical problems and has been unemployed for over a year, threatening them with being arrested (which we all know can't happen), to the point the debtor feels his only alternative is suicide. Or forcing someone to pay on a debt that isn't even theirs, with threats of arrest, having someone come to their job and "deal with them", threats of a lawsuit when they have no intention of suing, all while refusing the alleged debtors request to verify this debt; all the CA is interested in is getting the money however they can. No, my dear Anonymous Collector, those are the real crime.

So, it turns out, in your world of hard time for unpaid debts, you would end up sharing the jail cell with some of the debtors you've victimized.

Don't drop the soap.

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FloridaRon FloridaRon

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In the real world junk collectors could not buy charged off debt for pennies on the dollar (along with a bunch of other collectors claiming to own the same debt) and pretend they were victimized when they cannot validate the debt is owned by them.

I am learning my rights and I owe some Junk collector nothing until they prove it to me.

Prove you legally own the debt, prove the amount of the debt and when you are done get back to me.

I found an attorney who has said if I can wright the answer to my complaint he will put it on his letterhead and enter it for $30.00.

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