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Collection Company of America: Are consumers complaining?

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Why am I still getting fraudulent information on my credit reports from Collection Company of America for an account that has been deemed fraudulent in 2003 by Cingular Wireless? I have just spoken with a representative from that company and they said that they are not responsible for removing this mar from my report, that the original creditor has to do it! However, I was redirected back to the Collection Company of America after verifying that this account was indeed deemed fraudulent and closed!

collection company of america sent me a letter/bill about a mobile phone with at&t, saying that owe a bill of $168.13, at&t mobility, client ref *** agency acct *** i want this matter taken care of asap, i do not have mobile service with at&t nor have i ever, my cell phone is through cricket, my name is samuel personal info removed - Jason , please take care of this in a timely fashion, i do not like to receive bills that i do not owe, thank you.

Sub: #11 posted on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 21:12


Saumel, we are not the collection agency, we are a forum to help people get out of debt. I'd suggest you send a Debt Validation letter to them Certified return Mail. You have 30 days to dispute the debt. Use the Collection Company of America address given in their letter.

Sub: #12 posted on Sun, 04/05/2009 - 06:19

beli2005 beli2005

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CCA's employee job requirements are illiterate, uneducated, rude, imbecil, etc...If you've got those you are hired! Yay!

But seriously? These idiots violate Federal Law on daily basis and don't hide it. I wrote them a dispute letter faxed it with confirmation of course and what do I hear 30 days later? Oh we didn't receive your fax, our receptionist was out..Are you kidding me? Good thing I have confirmation that it went through, before I found out the truth about my letter not being received they told me a story how they submitted it to the vendor awaiting requested information and how AT&T was taking their sweet time...Right, sure enough I called AT&T and they had no record of my debt...funny! Well I filed a complaint against CCA with AT&T today with their corporate office. Mind you, they reported this BS to my credit after I sent them a letter stating that they are not allowed to do so since I'm disputing this debt...From what I understand they buy these accounts from vendors without any information for pennies on the dollar and then operating under some attorney's name threaten to ruin people's lives, well enough is enough.

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Faxing information is never the way to go. Too many things can go wrong with it. Send your letter by certified mail. They can report the debt but it should say somewhere on your dredit report about the consumer disputing it. After sending the letter, you can also find out the Collection Company of America contact number and call them to inform that you???ve sent a dispute letter.

Sub: #14 posted on Thu, 05/07/2009 - 14:31

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Collection companies are nothing but gangsters no one should deal with them. deal with the bank directly to get much better solution.

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Well the biggest problem with that is if people could work with the original creditor, the account wouldn't have gone to collections in the first place.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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"CCA's employee job requirements are illiterate, uneducated, rude, imbecil, etc" This is what a guy named Sash said bellow. but let me tell you something. Not the employee's are the one that curse or the ones that have no ideea of how to behave....i've learned in a few years of collection all possible insults that a man/woman can say, or know. Not the collectors place you in collection, believe me... you did... you did not paid the bills, you did not read and respect the terms and conditions of a contract.. it is not our fault... it is all yours... and if you ever think that it is not your fault read again your morgadge or cell phone contracts... and you will see for your self that every single explenation that a collector gave you it is true... My advice to you will be to READ any Peace of paper that you receive when you purchase a new car, morgadge, cell phone, or any thing that you will have to sign... READ them CAREFULLY and believe me you eill never end up in a collection depaprtment.

Katrina Stanford

[samebox:520e1d2b79="NASCAR_Devil"]My advice to you is use spell check and maybe a refresher course in grammar. Another Buffalo chip hits the prairie[/samebox:520e1d2b79]

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Wow Kat. It must be very nice to never have any bad luck and always be able to pay your bills, especially in these tough times. Maybe you would be a better collector if you weren't looking to place blame. And, you can't spell.

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Wow...complete BS deleted - ND I'd go back to school there skippy

Sub: #19 posted on Mon, 06/29/2009 - 12:00


I am having problems with these collectors as well. If you send any mail to anybody, make sure you send it certified mail. It's indisputable and dated by the U.S. Post Office. Now, I know to do that, but how do I get them off of my report? I was on the phone with one of THEM and I refused to say who I was because they refused to tell me who they were. I asked them if they were collections and she refused to tell me. She then asked for my name so I could verify some information. Yeah right. Let me tell you everything about me but you don't want to tell me who you are. Crazy. So she told me to call back when I was more cooperative and then hung up on me. Nice.

Sub: #20 posted on Sat, 07/11/2009 - 17:55


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