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dominion law associates - anyone have any information on dominion law associates?

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I just received a first letter from them today in the mail saying they have been retained for Midland funding llc for possible suit, I have no idea what this debt is possibly for. I'm going to send off a DV first thing tomorrow and see if I can get some information on what this could possibly be for. The only thing it states is that an attorney from their office has not had the chance to look over my particular file yet and of course telling me I need to pay the amount of 524.08 or they will have no choice but to proceed with legal actions. I really don't have any idea what this could possibly be for and I'm not showing Midland even on my credit report. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this law office and if they have any complaints against them or anything.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

This website for a reputable Consumer Law Agency here in Virginia has this on their website. e-the-statutes-of-limitation-on-a-debt.cfm

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Thanks, that was very helpful. So by that either last payment or charge/usage of the card. The Judgment time period is brutal though at 10 years, then renewable to 20. So...if they get a judgment locked in on your before that 3 year period they can keep coming at you through the courts, garnishments etc. I'm assuming,

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nope nope

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THESE PEOPLE REPRESENT CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD AND THEY HAD ME SERVED WITH A SUMMONS (BY THE LOCAL SHERRIFFS DEPT) TO APPEAR IN COURT, THE MAN SERVING IT SAID THAT FROM THE PAPER WORK IT WAS A 'CIVIAL SUMMONS' AND THAT I WAS BEING SUED IN (VIA-THRU MY LOCAL COUNTY COURTS) once they get you they most always win, if you have alot of credit card debt you may want to look into chapter 7 bankruptcy, or 13 if you intend on paying any back,
they may be able to garnish your wages, or i have heard stories of freezing your bank accts, keep your money out of your accts if possible,

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once they get you they most always win

And you know this how? I personally wouldn't file for bankruptcy until it was the absolute last resort.

If they haven't validated the debt and they are sending you a summons, my next move would be to file a motion of discovery and make them validate the debt. They may be pursuing this without the required validation, or want you to pay a time-barred debt (which is the last thing you want to do). Make them validate the debt properly. If they can't, file a motion with the court to dismiss based on the fact that they cannot do so. If you aren't comfortable with doing this, get a lawyer.

But if you throw in the towel without doing any work, then of course they'll win.

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I am also battling this company. They filed an action in VIrginia Court and when I appeared at the status hearing and disputed this claim a court date was set. Before I was scheduled to file an answer, they made a motion to the court for a nonsuit. They advised that I did not have to appear on the scheduled court date, however, I did so anyway, in order to obtain a copy of the order. Now, almost a month later, they are starting to call me again on the phone. Something needs to be done against this company.

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Dominion served me a warrant of debt. I sent a DV immediately after receiving the warrant. This was my first encounter with them. The didn't provide the DV. I appearded in court and the judge order a bill of particulars. They didn't provide that either. Going back to court soon, we will see the out come. Have filed a complaint with the FTC.

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Wow this is unreal, I also rec'd a letter from Dominion Law Associates, I had been trying to get in touch with them regarding a credit card bill in the amount of 2,000 and something. I faxed my account numbers to them, but I am going to the bank to close my accounts today after reading all of this. I am about to file bankruptcy.

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Why doesn't anyone report this to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, The BBB has given these people a rating of B. They're noted for doing a good job. They need to be reported

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Well I received one of these infamous letters in the mail today. Mine says they will be proceeding with legal actions against me but I have the opportunity to resolve this before a suit is filed. This is an old trade school student loan that I defaulted on well over 6 years ago and have had it removed from my credit report over 4 years ago but after I found this thread and it scares the crap out of me so I think Im going to consult a lawyer on this matter. I'll keep you all posted.

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dominion law associates
they are a collection agency who represent various kinds of debts, for me They have been trying to collect on a CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD , they will go to any length to make your life a miserable hell, they go against the fair debt collection act in so many ways, they have called my employer and even relatives who live out of state to shame you,
and while they are trying to collect a debt for CAPITAL ONE credit card, they will call you all times of the morning and night, even calling me as late as 10:45pm EST... i have mailed them a cease and desist letter registered and they continue to violate my rights....
If you own any property they can file suit against you as they did me and my wife on a $500 credit card which balloned to $1,800.00 after they continued adding charges month after month, and I find out they files a DEFAULT JUDGEMENT against me and They never contacted us, I was told my an attorney that they can do this and that a judgement will be entered against you and when you should sell your real property these would have a lien against you which would have to be satisfied first, so in my opinion these people are DISHONEST and they are THEIVES and they DEFY any laws set in place to protect debtors, THEY ARE TRASH and they don't deserve a penny of your money, I wouldn't give them the pleasure of collecting a dime from me, if you receive notice from them besure to look into it, they can sue you and put a lean on your property without you knowing it, unless you checked your credit report,
spread the word, CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD out of richmond virginia uses these bastards to collect debts, and they are worse than the mafia when it comes to collection, they would take your first born to satisfy a debt!

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