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dominion law associates - anyone have any information on dominion law associates?

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I just received a first letter from them today in the mail saying they have been retained for Midland funding llc for possible suit, I have no idea what this debt is possibly for. I'm going to send off a DV first thing tomorrow and see if I can get some information on what this could possibly be for. The only thing it states is that an attorney from their office has not had the chance to look over my particular file yet and of course telling me I need to pay the amount of 524.08 or they will have no choice but to proceed with legal actions. I really don't have any idea what this could possibly be for and I'm not showing Midland even on my credit report. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this law office and if they have any complaints against them or anything.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Originally Posted by Anonymous
I had a lot of debt and was contacted by DLA that I either make arrangements to pay my debt or they would file a judgment against me. Although there is disagreements about using a debt settlement companies, I decided to do so. DLA has never called me, threatened anymore and I have two more payments to go using my debt settlement company. Before, I did my research and found my debt settlement company was rated AAA+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Can you tell us which company is rated AAA+?

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I got a letter from them saying they rep Midland Funding - after I had just sent a payment to Midland. I sent them a letter saying I wanted to settle the debt (offered 25%) with a request that they agree to remove it from my credit reports. Got a letter back saying their client (Midland) would accept roughly 50-60% of original debt (no mention of removing from my credit reports). I'm not disputing it's mine, I know it is but I don't think I acknowledged it in my letters. So I sent a letter back saying that my offer of my payment of 25% of original amount stood until I could get DV. I got a letter right back (or more like a bill) for the full original amount plus interest which also said they are going to file a warrant in debt and take me to court. They didn't address my request for debt validation. So this makes me think it's scare tactics, but what should be my next step? Contact Chase directly (the original creditor) -- I'm thinking definitely not Midland. But if it was sold to Midland, which my credit report states even after I disputed it, can I contact Chase instead? I just don't want to get ripped off. I'd rather settle w/the original creditor. Your thoughts please.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I had a lot of debt and was contacted by DLA that I either make arrangements to pay my debt or they would file a judgment against me. Although there is disagreements about using a debt settlement companies, I decided to do so. DLA has never called me, threatened anymore and I have two more payments to go using my debt settlement company. Before, I did my research and found my debt settlement company was rated AAA+ by the Better Business Bureau.

That's nice for you, but DLA will not even respond to my debt settlement company and they are trying to collect on an account that has already been settled. These scumbags are not going to get any money. I have paid the settled amount in full, and if they choose to file suit against me, I will go to court and show the judge my settlement letter.

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This company is definitely shady to say the least! I received two letters from them, they apparently had bought old accounts of ours from Midland Credit Management. The two letters stated they were issuing a warrant in debt and a copy was enclosed. Nice, huh? No warning, no options to make payment arrangements, nothing! They hired a local attorney in our area to represent them. We ended up setting the amount for a portion of the original cost, but I tried for over 10 days to reach this company by phone to speak with someone prior to the appointed court date and YOU CANNOT REACH A PERSON. I have also done research on them and heard that they will accept a settlement amount and then continue to pursue you for the full amount! How shady is that?? At any rate, the local attorney's office was nice enough to accept our payment and provided a receipt, so if they pull any crap, I will take those two documents to court as proof. Terrible, terrible company. If anyone does get a class action lawsuit started, I will most definitely participate!! By the way, upon receipt of the warrant in debt, I immediately sent them a certified letter requesting validation of the debt and they sent back very limited info, not was was requested and required by law.

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I too have received a letter from them. This was on an Old Navy account. I talked a gal the first night and explained to her that I could possibly do 3 payments, she then wanted to get my banking info and I refused. I did however tell her I would send in a post dated check for the first payment. She started to argue with me over that since she said they couldn't stop collection on it, and then I told her that is what I was willing to do at the time. She then hung up. I called right back and asked for the name of the person I had talked and it was given to me, but only the first name, I asked for the last name and was told that I could not have that info they don't use last names. I spoke with my husband about it and he said go ahead and send a post dated check for the full amt which was $619.20. for the 1st of July. Well I sent it in and do you know it hit my bank account on June 16th. Obviously I was not wanting to pay it then and stopped payment on check since I was waiting for my mortgage check to hit the acct. I called to let them know that what had occured and that I even sent them more than what I originally was going to pay. Then they said that they could no longer accept a check from me since the check was returned. So I later went on line to their website and set up payment (check on line). That was for July 1st yet again. It never came out of my account. They called again and tried to explain they were calling to collect a debt. I then explained there was a check online and never came out of my acct. by this time it was July 17th or 18th. then they told me that came back unknown. I explained that maybe there was a mis typed number then they still proceeded to tell my they could not take a check and could I set something up over the phone. I said no I would pay it online with my debit card. I still haven't done anything and have not rece'd but 1 phone call since. I also had lost my job in 2008 after being with a company for almost 9 yrs. Just in January of 10 got a job comparable to what I was making. Before that it was min wage at a gas station. I was willing to take anything just to keep income coming in. We got so far behind during that time on all bills. I tried to explain this to the lady last time I spoke with her and before I could get any thing other than lost my job in 08, she was very abrupt and said "Sorry for your misfortune" in a very nasty way. I then ended the conversation.

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I have been dealing with Dominion since June for a Discover account. I had been unemployed since 2009 and before that 2007. Just got hired in June and set up payments with Dominion. First of all, you cannot get anyone on the phone sometimes (it took me 4 days to finally speak with someone named, "Lisa", if that is her real name). I just spoke this morning to set up payments for this month and was told last payment had been returned and since I have not received any notice from bank on overdraft, I asked "Miss Jones" to verify check number and when the account was debited and she said the 20th of August, which I had set up the payment for. I offered to make double payment,, "Miss Jones" would not accept it. Then I started thinking check your account. I did, I have checked all transactions on account and there is none from Dominion. I called the consumer law group in Virginia and they are faxing me a form to fill out so their lawyer can take a look. As I explained, I do not dispute I owe Discover, but I want to make sure as I am paying off the debt to the right people and not being ripped off and be treated fairly.

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Received a big Manilla envelope in the mail today. In it a letter from DLA to the clerk of a county I do not live in, if the clerk could be so kind as to file this complaint and forward for service. After further inspection I notice a big line at the bottom of both the cover letter and the "official" complaint to be filed " THIS IS AN ATTEMTP TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE".
First of all, can you mail a complaint to a Circuit Clerk and second, would you put those lines at the bottom of your supposed paperwork to a court?
There are 3 Exhibits attached. One is a bill from November 2008 from the credit card, one is an affidavit of Midland Funding LLC. notarized on December 3rd, 2009 (I got this today Sept. 11th,2010) and then a statement for Military service notorized on December 17th, 2009. Nothing was checked off on it.
The big bold letters stating this is an attempt to collect a debt kinda puts me to think this is all it is. But it sure scared the pants of me when I first opened the envelope.
Can anyone here give me some thoughts?
Thanks so much.

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Myfriend's husband received a letter from DLA stating to contact them in 30 days or they were going to sue for a debt. Well she naturally called them and let them know that they didn't now who the orginial creditor was and wanted them to validate that her husband actually owed them the debt and once that was done they would then try to settle w/ them. Well she didn't know at the time not to speak w/ them. She didn't know that any verbal agreements reset the SOL for time barred accts. So now shecan only hope that none of the converstations were recored. Does anyone know if they record their calls and are they used in court? I really want to help her b/c all she does now is worry about them when she has plenty of other things she needs to be taking care of. Any info would be great info. Thanks

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I am here to warn everyone to beware. They will take you to court. And if you do not show up or make arrangements to pay, they will collect their money. They processed a garnishment on my account after I paid the debt. Here it is 2 weeks later, and the garnishment is still there and no one has an answer of when it will be fixed. They tell you that no one can speak with their garnishment department. I have tried to be patient but I am at my wits end so I will be going to my Attorney General or local congressman immediately. I cant take this anymore. I am so frustrated because not only am I the one getting stuck with all these returned check fees because they have this hold on my account, but companies are charging their returned fees also. Not to mention the 125.00 fee the bank charges for processing the garnishment. All this was done a shortly before Christmas, it's unbelievable how these people do business. If I had the time and money, I would so file a class action suit against them because I feel they are completely unethical and misleading. So anyone who thinks they can simply ignore this company, DO NOT IGNORE THEM! Please stay on top of everything so you dont end up like me, with a garnishment on your bank account for a debt that you have ALREADY PAID!

I too was making payments in 2005 and then the creditor gave me a settlement offer through them. Which I had paid everything they requested in time....While I am doing this with them a lawyer with there firm continued to file a judgment against me dated the SAME day that the letter saying I was clear and had paid everything was dated. I called them and they said there would be no judgment and I kept saying "but" it says you filed
one and Dominion Law said no judgment. Now August 2010 after checking my credit report and challenging them there should be no judgment per Dominion Law from 2005/2006...the court says YES there is and it the interest has been adding all this time to .35 a day!!! We are talking minimum of 1500 dollars interest. I called Dominion Law 2 times AFTER talking to the court and they said they would send a letter. Several weeks later the court said they received it however it was the wrong letter. Court calls Dominion Law to tell them what needs to be done. So, then I wait several weeks and I got a call from the court last week that they received the letter from Dominion Law BUT the court can only document that I cleared the debt as of the date they received the letter from Dominion Law. Which means it stays on my credit report and public records as if I only now paid it in 2010-Sept when it was paid completely (with documentation from then from Dominion Law) in 2006-March. I am 56 it will stay on my credit record at LEAST 10 years from the date shown I paid it, 2010 when in fact I paid in full before the letter written for the judgment.

Please be very careful. concerned in NC

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