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FFG & amp; Associates - Are consumers grieving against the CA?

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I received a message on my cell and at work from a Joseph stating he was trying to contact me about a check that I wrote and needed to verify some information with me for security purposes. I am not sure how to respond to this because I have not had a checking account in over a year. He sounds american and the caller id is from somewhat local area(about 1 1/2 hours away) with a call back #866-443-6985. I thought I would investigate a little before calling back since I have been having serious issues with scammers out of india harrassing me at work and on my cell and I am having troubles getting them to stop. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by Anonymous
i rec. A call from (866) 443-6985 person said if that number call (877)683-5490

this is a scam file AG,and FTC complaints some of the first pages of this thread.they are a bottomfeeder that needs to be reported.btw that is an old bottomfeeder trick.make an automated call,and when the person calls the number given they are threatened.either do not talk to the losers,or check your specific state laws in regards to recording not speak to them unless you are able to record the call.

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Originally Posted by paulmergel
this is a scam file AG,and FTC complaints some of the first pages of this thread.they are a bottomfeeder that needs to be reported.btw that is an old bottomfeeder trick.make an automated call,and when the person calls the number given they are threatened.either do not talk to the losers,or check your specific state laws in regards to recording not speak to them unless you are able to record the call.

I got a call from a Julie @877-683-5490, calling from FFG & Assoc. left a message saying they wanted to talk to me about a check. it was after hours when I called back so they were closed and I got the real name Frontier Financial Group, I got on the internet to see who they were and I found this website. thanks everyone for the heads up!

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I've been with a debt management company for 3 months now. All my creditors accepted my proposals except for one- HSBC. Apparently, they had sold the company to another company, United Debt Holdings, who had then sold it to FFG, all within this 3 month period, in which I did not know because this was not reflected on my recent credit report statement. All this time though, I had been paying them a proposed monthly fee, as suggested by my debt management company. HSBC confirmed that they received the payments, but forwarded it off to the new collection agency. The original account balance was $1663.00, which was reported on my July 2010 credit report by HSBC; the letter I received from FFG now shows a balance of $1929.65-- ~ $300 more than what was originally owed! Can they do that? Can collection agencies charge more than what was originally owed and tack it on to the balance to subsidize their fees? I though Obama had passed a credit card debt relief bill that prevents collectors from doing this?! It's not fair because I have been paying for 3 months now, they've been accepting the payments, but nothing has been applied, and my balance has only increased. It's also not fair that I did not know of them selling the account to another company, as it was not on my credit report. HELP!

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These supposed collection agencies which seem to be multiple in number since they have quite a few phone numbers called and left a message that I was being sued with the statement of a "civil lawsuit" that I should contact them immediately and that I should give them a case number. I called and called and called each time being treated other than personably, one person called me "nasty", and most of them told me that they did not call my number and would hang up. I finally started recording the calls and conversations, there was one person who kept asking me for my personal information, to include my social security number, by stating that "well I do not know who you are so I cannot give you any information unless you confirm your social security number" he then proceeded to give 4 numbers to have me confirm that these were my last 4 of my ss. I did not comply with this, this all seemed a little too weird. I proceeded to look up this company and so far except for the scripted and totally ridiculous input that I see in most of these complaint sites, most of the input was stating a scamming or illegal process. I proceeded to call the FTC and filed a complaint, filed a complaint with the local police, am in the process of filing a complaint to the Nevada state attorney general's office. I also put an alert on my credit report which will cover all credit agencies. No collection agency will give you a run around and tell you that if you do not give them all your info then they will not disclose the nature of the call, most of them go straight to the point and tell you about your debt and advise you that this is call to attempt to collect a debt, not "this is concerning a civil lawsuit". I called them again on another occasion and I asked the individual if he knew what a civil lawsuit was and he stated "no I am not an attorney" so if that is the case then....why are you misrepresenting yourself as representing an attorney's office?????? Robbio and Associates......please give me a break get a real job and stop scamming and being a nuisance to will do jail time for a very loooooooong time......because it just takes one person to bring your whole pathetic operation down. And for future reference here are some helpful tips on credit collectors and consumer protection:

The FDCPA restricts debt collectors from engaging in conduct including the following:

???Contacting a third party who does not owe the debt, such as a relative, neighbor, or your employer. Co-signers to the debt, however, may be contacted by the debt collector;

???Threatening to refer your account to an attorney, harm your credit rating, repossession or garnishment, without actual intention of action on the threat. Please note that a debt collector may warn you of an actual impending intention to refer your case to an attorney or to report your debt to a credit agency. What they cannot do is use a false threat to try to intimidate you into paying;

???Making repeated telephone calls or telephone calls at unreasonable times. The act defines unreasonable times as contat before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM, unless you have given the debt collector permission to contact you during those hours;

???Placing telephone calls to an inconvenient place. For example, contacting you at work in violation of a policy by your employer that is known to the debt collector or following a request by you that they not contact you at work;

???When placing a telephone call to you at work, informing your employer of the purpose of the call, unless first asked by the employer;

???Using obscenity, racial slurs or insults;

???Sending letters which appear to have come from a court;

???Seeking collection fees or interest charges not permitted by your contract or by state law;

???Requesting post-dated checks with the intention to prosecute if they bounce;

???Suing in courts far removed from your place of residence;

???Making certain false representations in association with efforts to collect the debt, including the false claim that the person contacting you in relation to the debt is an attorney, falsely claiming to have started a lawsuit, using a false name, or using stationery that is designed to look like an official court or government communication;

???Using false claims to collect information about the debtor, such as pretending to be conducting a survey;

???Threatening you with arrest if you do not pay the debt.

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I am getting calls to my cell phone from "Julie" at FGG. Wondering if it's the same company people are discussing here. The caller ID is number local to my area, but the number to call back is 877-683-5490, which I am not going to call.

They claim they are calling about a check I wrote, and want to verify some information for security purposes. My checks do not have my home or cell number on them; and they never bounce. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!! If there's a problem with a check, my bank will contact me.

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FFG is not a scam. I've worked in collections for a while now and they are a growing respected company. The problem is the deadbeats who dont pay their bills. If you cant pay it, contact the debteee and let them know and work out an arrangement. Just ignoring the debt leads to problems.

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shillin,shillin,shillin,keep them shills a your lines for the phones humanoid.

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this person RBPNY is a sleazy debt collector who works for FFG..he goes by JR.he post all these messages on 800 notes and 800 notes removed them because they came from the SAME COMPUTER..this IDIOT JR is a liar and a thief,we have a bbb report on them..

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Received two calls at work last week from Julie @ FFG regarding a check written, same as above. I don't write checks so I ignored the call, but took down the phone number and company name and filed a complaint with the BBB of Nevada, who handed the case over to Neveda State Financial Division. After they continued to call, I also made a complaint with FTC. Today I received a call from a local phone, so I answered and I got a Tomira person calling from FFG about a bad check I wrote for the amount of $583.00, I laughed and said I haven't written any checks. She says, "It is actually for a payday loan I defaulted on with SMG or Manhattan Processing. So I say if it is Manhattan Processing they are they could not provide proof of a licensed to lend in my state and I have turned the matter over to the AG of Delaware. She hung up. I filed several complaints regarding Manhattan Processing being a illegal payday loan lender, so they have turned the account over to FFG.

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they have been calling me up for the past 4 months with the same message about a check and the funny thing is that i dont even own a checking acount and im probably not even old enough

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