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Any help would be appreciative. I had in the past some online uncollectable gambling debts. (just looking for advice not ethical/moral advice) I had some checks that nsf'd to an online gambling site. They turned me over to Joseph Mann & Creed. Now after MUCH MUCH studying i have the knowledge that these debts are uncollectable. I have sent them the debt validation letter that stated all correspondence must be done in writing. I received another call today (did not answer got a voicemail) from them telling me they received my letter and they can verify the debts and I must call back so we can work this out voluntarily. I have logged this call and saved the message on my voicemail for further legal action if they get out of control. What should I do now... should I send a follow up letter regarding the debt validation and remind them they can only speak in writing to me and that no further collection attempts can be made until they validate the debt, should I answer the call, or should I just ignore the calls right now and continue to log each call. Thank you all in advance and I appreciate all your help here.

I am confused, does this company attempt to collect on ANYTHING other than gambling debts? Not sure how they can stay business if this is the case--and if they are a reputable company--WHY would they include these ILLEGAL collections as part of their business? Any debt collectors here on this sight have an insight as to why this might happen? From what I have seen on-line--the consensus is that jmc seems to be the main on-line gambling debt collection company--how are they allowed to do this if this is an illegal activity here in the U.S.A.? It doesn't make sense--if people who process the transactions have been arrested--why aren't people who attempt to collect on these SAME transactions being arrested? They obviously know they are collecting on line gambling debts there's no sugar coating or getting around that! Any experts on this subject here? And why does everyone seem so angry against this company? Are they really that bad?( Can't understand how they could still be in business) --aren't there some sort of government watchdogs out there that people can report them to? I just managed to get my house out of foreclosure and my wife and I have had a rough 6 months due to her medical bills but all is well now!!!! and I have been surfing this site for a couple of months--this is my first post--and I really like all the info here on the site--some of it seems so confusing and contradictory though--everyone regarding my debt that I have dealt with has went out of their way to treat me with respect and has been willing to work with my wife and I-and -after seeing how terribly many people have been treated from debt collection companies--I feel blessed that there are professionals still out there who didn't make me feel worse at a time when anything could have pushed me over the edge--there is NO reason for this behavior--and a company who exhibits this type of behavior REPEATEDLY and does nothing to remedy the problem should either be forced out of business--or some day someone will simply go Postal on them--collection companies are dealing with many desperate people who are simply at the end of their rope--(the previous post kind of tells me that this particular co. has provoked extreme negative feelings more than once)If it was me--I wouldn't try and provoke any of these people--when I was desperate and owed money--I worked with people because they treated me with respect and were willing to work with me--and it ended up to be a win-win situation--does this joseph mann and creed company understand ANYTHING about treating people with the respect and dignity that they deserve? From what I have read--NOPE NOPE and then for sure a big underlined NO-WAY-JOSE!! and then some !!!!--(maybe they should consider outsourcing their employees--especially since they seem to be collecting debts from non U.S. companies!) I'm confused on a lot of collection matters--but still can't understand how these type of companies are allowed to stay in business--I mean WHY should you have to dispute a debt and demand a debt validation letter in the 1st place? Common sense tells me that BEFORE a collection company ever contacts you verbally--you should be sent a registered debt validation letter on the matter that they will be contacting you about--why don't these collection companies have to prove something BEFORE they break the laws and attempt to intimidate and humiliate? Aren't people in America innocent until they are proven guilty? If it's an on-line gambling debt--is it listed as gambling purchase on debt validation? of course not!!(from what I have read here! ) let's start doing things the right way-- Does anyone have any response to this? thanks! (Will be sending a letter to White House this eve on subject protesting the way these companies including jmc think they can do what they want and NOT follow any U.S. law regarding legal debt collection-- and hope all who read will do the same!)--just coming out of foreclosure and knowing where I have been has made me very compassionate for others in this situation--and I think I will dedicate my life to trying to help others who have been wronged by companies like the aforementioned! have much studying to do but would appreciate any input on this subject that anyone else might have Thanks! I don't know about you but I'm tired and am not gonna take it anymore!! wrong is wrong no matter what :shock: :x :oops:

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Thank you for being a good nelly---these people are definitely a bunch of crooks as you yourself stated and their threats of" criminal imprisonment"--"garnishment of wages" -and "criminal prosecution"- (are as you stated absolutely horrific--none of this will happen to anyone!)--and anyone they have made these threats to needs to come forward in forces and put this company out of business!! Let's do it and let's do it now not today or tomorrow but now darn it!!!!!!! Let's take control of the way they treat treat people and pay them back come on everybody!!Let's do it now!!!!!!!

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While sending them another debt validation and contact via mail only should I answer the phone and while doing nothing to incriminate myself try to provoke them to get them do some illegal stuff for suit of them. And should any calls be recorded. I thought i read somewhere there is an online service you can use to record calls.

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until you get proof of signed receipt of your debt dispute-(this company does everything they can not to accept your correspondence) and they will continue to insist that you haven't sent anything and that you have been uncooperative in their attempts to be amicable-- and that they have sent you many letters--then even after this company has received your dispute and someone has to sign for it--they will still act like they don't know anything about your dispute and will keep sending you invoices to "pay by a certain date" with a computer printed invoice from their company with amount you supposedly owe on it--they will say something like"this is the amount our client says you owe" and will never provide truth if it is an online gambling debt or exactly what the transactions supposedly are for--they are pros at trying to collect non-collectible gambling debts--and of course will try all their tricks to skirt around the issue--it is their business to try and deceive you into thinking you must pay or else!---don't be scared and don't cave in--and don't think you need to "provoke them into any illegal response" they do it every time they try to collect on these type of debts--don't worry about using a service to record any conversations --if you choose to speak to them--they are recording every word you have ever spoken to them without your consent--this is a fact!!!however record via pics on your phone any attempts that they make to contact you after you have proof that they have received your dispute letter--(costs them a $1,000 bucks a pop) don't forget it!!!they don't worry about breaking laws--and you shouldn't loose any sleep over their unlawful attempts at on-line internet gambling debt collections--don't worry about sending this company anything--instead CONCENTRATE on sending your correspondence to FTC state attorney general--equifax etc!!! send these agencies copies of ANY written correspondence this company sends to you regarding attempting to collect on-line gambling debt-- these are entities who will acknowledge your correspondence and be there to help you fight these crooks!!!document everything they have done and send this as well--they won't be doing this much longer--I really have a good feeling about this--don't worry be happy--u--will--win!!!

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Hi guest

Yes we have to stop them!!! But we have to do it together...because united we stand n divided we fall. So lets come together n tell these crooks "ENOUGH...WE ARE AWARE OF OUR RIGHTS"


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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Get real please!!!!!!!!!We in the u.s. are fighting terrorists and have children dying for this cause in war-- whether it was justified or not!! -- we american's are still trying to justify --inflation--china taking over every aspect of manufacturing that blue collar americans ever had a decent job at - thus-- the vanishing act of the american middle class-yet! You jmc employees are representing non-american companies here in america just the same way that american companies are forced to go overseas to try and compete with wal -mart tactics?-- and you are violating any law you think you can get away with because you have an american address???? Get real!!! Your non-usa companies will never get paid--and neither will you!!!Can't believe you haven't been arrested yet--maybe it's the big bust in the waiting!!! Still waiting for what needs to happen!!Soon!!!!

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GOOD NELLY woooo hoooooo !!!you are the best!!!!! you are here for us baby doll!!!praise the Lord and thank you!!!!!We don't have to tell these crooks anything--the U.S. court of law will tell them that!!!!!Damn baby girl--u-real?or do I need to put hex on ya?just asking to determine your life cycle? and others involved thanks p.s--no united we stand when we send our children to fight a war in iraq and real war should have been against China who has ruined our economy!!!!!!!!! but hey--we let that happen!!!!we want everythinG cheap!!! that has finally happened!!!!

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let them know that they can not collect shit in a crap basket---will never happen!!!!

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collections cos might lie but you dont owe a damn cent!!trailer park trash knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Am I hearing you right? This company has ACTUALLY tried to intimidate people regarding criminal prosecution and imprisonment? (regarding on line internet gambling transactions?)Do you have proof of this? I am very familiar with several cases of people who have lost money on-line due to internet gambling--and have actually recovered from anyone who processed these transactions 3x their debt on what they actually spent!! (because whoever processed these transactions broke the law!!!) people who owe money for internet gambling are recovering MORE than what they actually spent because someone ELSE broke the law and allowed transactions!!! this is a fact!! check your websites if you don't believe it--anyone who allows internet gambling to be processed are liable big TIME--Good Nelly--if you have proof that this company has actually acted in the manner you have stated--please!!! You have the power to stop whatever horrendous type of business they are conducting!!!-they can't legally harass anyone about gambling debts--sue the pants off of this company if they are actually acting the way Good Nelly says they are--(these people are in a bunch of trouble if they are actually treating people the way Good Nelly says they are!!!!!! )If jmc has threatened anyone about internet gambling debts--sue them and recover way more than what you ever might have spent!!!! They are attempting to collect a known to them un-collectable debt and if they are using these SCARE tactics--they deserve to get BURNED for 3X more than what they tried to collect--look into this issue and don't be intimidated--if you are a u.s. citizen--you won't be liable for any on-line gambling debt EVER!!!!!!!! they are going to put you in jail?? my goodness gracious !!!WHAT a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Nelly you seem to be a real helping person on this site from your posts that I have seen--please--if you have proof of what you have stated--go forward and put this company who doesn't deserve to be in business--OUT OF BUSINESS!! NO ONE WILL BE AFRAID OF THIS JMC COMPANY AFTER READING RESEARCH_____THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO INTIMIDATE ANYONE!!!!!Good Nelly--please use info you have provided and put this company out of commission--you have power to do so on your own if what you have stated is true!!!!! Go for it!!!!(and if good nelly is simply someone who owes this co $ and angry because they didn't treat her right--it's still okay-)-other posts have proved this company needs to be shut down and it's only a matter of time--they simply can't threaten you about internet gambling debts--they can't collect and NEVER CAN!!!!!!

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