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Mann Bracken: Is it difficult to deal with them?

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I am trying very hard to pay off all my credit card debts. I - being a total idiot went to a debt settlement company. They "suggested" that I not pay my bills, and that they had great relationship with creditors.... What a lie.

Anyway, I am now in a dmp. I'm trying to pay off all my loans 100%. However, Mann Bracken Llc. wants a lump sum payment. I do not have the funds to give them the payment. I offered to pay it off through the DMP program. No deal. They said they would continue with the arbitration and see me there.

Is there anything I can do? I tried calling Chase directly. They said I could only talk to Mann Bracken law firm is a collection agency which threatens to take you to arbitration. Read the discussion to know the way out. that they no longer had the account.

The lady on the phone was very nasty. She told me if it went to arbitration I could pay her attorney fees and court cost. All of this is true information. So not misrepresentation.

I think I may be stuck. But I have a budget, and I am trying to pay everyone. That leaves me very little wiggle room when it comes to something like this.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I am dealing with that firm. I have a loan that is 9000.00 and they took me to court and was awarded a judgement well I called them up to try and work some payment plan they gave me 3 options
1. pay in full
2. pay a certain amount and then make so many payment
3. make a certain payment a month and be paid off in 6 months
I could not afford what they were asking for so I told them that I would make 100.00 a month and he told me that they would not agree or disagree with that payment. My first time I sent it in they sent me a letter thanking me and a slip to make my next payment. Talk to them they will take whatever payment you can make.

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sandi2949 sandi2949

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To the moron who said they can garnish your wages.. Get informed, the only people who can garnish wages is the government, period. These bottom feeding "law firms" will say anything, knowing that there you will be scared into paying because a lawyer is threatening you. Don't believe it.

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while i normally agree with anyone who uses the term bottomfeeder.if someone like the OC or a lawyer hired by the OC sues and wins then they can garnish.under your circumstance your right,but any OC can take someone to court,if they win then it is up to the say nobody can garnish but the government is wrong.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I got a good one! I was so stupid and put this 23 year old punk jointly on my credit card 2 years ago, he made all the charges of over $16,000, I was making the payments at first to save my credit. Now Mann Bracken sent me to Abritration and awarded Chase over $23,000. Now because I was married, even though my husbands name was not on the card, we live in California a community property state, I do not have an income, they are going to garnish my husbands wages at his job he has been at for 17 years and go after our business which is in his name and put a lien on our home. Does anyone know if it is too late to make payments? Mann Bracken told me today I have to pay the full amount plus arbritraion fees.

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What do I do now. They are harrassing me and said they will attatch my wages. Can they. I am in Calif. $7000.00 in debt and willing to make payments.but not as much as they want.

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Request VALIDATION, not "Verification". Verification means squat. Request Validation that you owe what they say you owe and demand they produce the contract/agreement with your signature on it saying you agreed to the terms of the loan. Most of the time, a collection agency will never be able to Validate that you owe.

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they are calling my 79 year old mother 4 to 5 times a day
she is very sick and this has made her worst

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I have been paying Mann Bracken and just received some junk mail saying I have a lawsuit against me. I looked up the case no and apparently I have a court date on June 1st. I don't understand how they can sue me when I'm paying them every month?

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did you get the payment agreement in writing?if so bring that and all receipts showing the payments.if not bring the receipts showing the payments.this is a bottomfeeder deluxe and this isn't the first time they did this.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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The following letter is the first step in disentangling oneself from the clutches of this outfit.
The next step ??? if they are not thus dissuaded ??? will be to appeal to the victim???s State???s Attorney General office and the American Collectors Association and his or her local State Bar Association for instructions as to how to file, the proper forms to do so, and what other information is pertinent.



Mann Bracken LLP
702 King Farm
Rock ville, Maryland 20850

To Whom It May Concern:

This will serve as your legal notice under provisions of federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to cease all communication with me in regard to debt collection and any and all matters associated therewith.

If you fail to heed this notice, I will file a formal complaint against you with the Federal Trade Commission who is responsible for enforcement, the States Attorney General office and/or the American Collectors Association or local State Bar Association.
You are also notified that should any adverse information be placed against credit reports as a result of this notice that appropriate actions will be taken.
Give this very important matter the attention it deserves.

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