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Midland Credit Management Scam - Is it really a scam?

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midland credit management is a scam. They sent me a letter saying I owed them money for collection on a card I have never even owned. I checked my credit report and this card is not even on the report. They are preying on people that will send them money when no such debt exists. BEWARE!

What if you get a letter from MCM and you DO owe the debt? Is it safe to pay them??

I had a card from 2007 that went into a charge off so I guess MCM bought it - I want that off my credit report because it looks like this debt is the only negative thing on my report.

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Is MCM a legit company? Do they really collect debt and if they don't, how do they get a hold of information about my spending?

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I have the same problem and the thing is I have already made several payments to them. Should I stop? Should i ask for verification or what? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

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Midland Credit Management writes me every 6 months or so saying I owe money that I paid off years ago. Speigal was the account and the only reason I had to pay the money is because Speigal went bankrupt for a short time...MCM is not getting anything out of me!.. beware of Creditors!!!!

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I'd send them a strongly-worded DV letter, then relax. Chances of them being able to validate anything are somewhere between extremelt slim and you've-gotta-be-kidding-me.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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These people called me 3 times within the last 24 hours. I live by myself in California and they called my new phone number. It has only been listed for 1 week. They were looking for my brother who is 12 years younger than me and who does not even live in the same state as I do. How did they get my information? He certainly did not give them my number because he doesn't even have it memorized himself. The first person plain and simply hung up on me when I asked them to identify themselves. Then this morning they called and got my answering service which clearly states that I am a business and that the answering service is for my clients. Then they called back again and the lady was completely rude to me when I asked her how on earth they got this number so I finally had to hang up on her when she told me it was illegal for her to tell me without "his" permission. Isn't it also illegal for people to call my business phone and harrass me when I have nothing to do with an adult sibling's credit problem? Does anyone have any idea how these weseals would have gotten my information? It makes no sense.

Also, the only person who can legally make you pay a debt is the original person/company you owe the debt to. As soon as they sell that debt to a debt collector, they have no legal rights whatsoever. You do not have to talk to them and can simply say "do not ever call here again, take me off your list" and they must comply. You must be served papers and go to court before anyone can take legal action against you. They try to tell you things to scare you, but really debt collectors have no rights past calling you ONCE and you saying to never call again.

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I received letters from Midland Credit Man. saying I owed money on an account. I read that this company is a scam. They give a web site...I tried it and no such company can be found. I will be reporting this to BBB and hope others don't have to go through this either.

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I wonder if certain threatening/annoying calls from MCM about bogus debt claims, are actually scammers POSING as MCM. I've talked to many like myself who were called by someone with a thick foreign accent--but having a ridiculously-simple, stereotypical American name ("John Smith" or "Jenny Miller", etc.)--for bogus debts they DO NOT OWE. I was called and harassed about a "$700 Mastercard debt"--I have NEVER had a Mastercard, and am not in debt. Typically the caller will give a little morsel of personal info they have on record for you (last 4 digits of SS#, or home address) and then ask you to "verify" it. The caller asked me to confirm my address, then gave some weird address they had for me which I have never even heard of. I think elements of this organization find a receipt or other financial document of yours in the trash, and use these fake "debt collection" calls just to fish for your banking info (CC#, Checking acct. #). I believe it is an organized money collecting scam by people posing as a legit debt collection company (MCM), and hoping to solicit funds from anyone stupid enough to fall for it. Why else would the caller have incorrect/incomplete personal info on you besides your name (and butchered at that), and phone #? The 800 number they call from is NOT a number associated with the real MCM company. I have registered complaints with the FCC and FTC...but personally, I'd rather see these scammers sent to a firing squad!

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And some details on the 2 calls I received:

1. Got a call around 8:30 am on my way to work, by a woman with strong Latino or Middle-Eastern accent calling herself "Jenny Miller, from Midland Credit Management" (no location given). I struggled to understand her accent; she said I owed "a past due balance of $724.00 on my Mastercard". I told her that she must be mistaken, that I never owed a balance on any Mastercard...I told her that I needed to see some documentation for this debt claim. She asked me to confirm my mailing address, and she would mail me the documentation; I asked what address she had on file. She gave a completely bogus address in my city and asked me if this was correct--I said "Yes" (I'm a smartass). I told her that I was just going into work and had to go, but asked her if there was a website or email address I could contact them by: she said "No"! Then she suggested that I FAX MY CREDIT CARD # TO THEIR FAX #!!!!!!!! I hung up.

2. I got a message on my phone the next day from the same person, asking me to call Jenny Miller at a certain extension. I never did, and have not heard anything from them in 2 weeks.

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I've received letters from MCM and Palisades collections for the same bill from HSBC for two different amounts. Now I don't know which is a true attempt at collection and which is not.

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