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Midland Credit Management Scam - Is it really a scam?

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midland credit management is a scam. They sent me a letter saying I owed them money for collection on a card I have never even owned. I checked my credit report and this card is not even on the report. They are preying on people that will send them money when no such debt exists. BEWARE!

They sent me a bill and it is from Household Bank taken over by Midland Funding LLC. Bill for $1,165.72. I know that I don't owe any bills for that amount and also who is Household Bank? I never owned or bought a house.

I knew right away it was an illegitimate collector. Can't we get these people sued for doing this? I haven't checked my credit rating. But that's the first thing I thought of, is that they put a bad rating on my credit. I think these people should be sued and imprisoned for doing these scams to people. It's not right.

Rebecca Santoyo

Complaint about Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Phony corporation:mad:

Sub: #51 posted on Wed, 12/22/2010 - 07:10

santoyoreba santoyoreba

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This is so horrible. And it's legal for them to operate this way? No one has been able to arrest these crooks?:confused:

It's not right that they make up a scam like this illegally and the law gives them the right.

There has to be some way to stop this.

Sub: #52 posted on Wed, 12/22/2010 - 07:15

santoyoreba santoyoreba

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I can't understand why the law allows this. It infuriates me.

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santoyoreba santoyoreba

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Did you have a credit card with HSBC? That would be Household.

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So I just got a call from MCM - the gentleman named Robin asked for all sorts of information...including the routing number to my checking account. I said NO WAY. He said "Check out our website, mam" and I did...the first thing that pops up in the Google search Midland Credit Management SCAMS! I am so glad I checked into this. If I owe the debt, I'll pay it...but I sure as hell will not give my private banking info over the phone!!

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What is a C&D letter stand for? My mother is being harrassed by these people and we just suffered the loss of my sister to cancer this week. My mother is very upset about it on top of the fact that we just buried her daughter.

Can anyone give us any information on the exact steps to take to avoid being sued for a debt she never owed?

I would like to get this off our plate so she does not have to worry further or deal with the phone calls.


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Ok, im 18 years old and I just got a letter from them saying i owe them $17,275.68 I have no idea who these people are ive never had ANY affiliation with them. the only cradit card ive had is a wells fargo one and i have no debt. please help me as I have no idea what is going on or what to do.

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I have been receiving calls from MCM in the late afternoon. "Sir, we hjave an account from 2002 for Providian Visa." 1st thing, they are no longer in business. WaMu bought them out. I later found out that they purchase old charge offs to try to make money. I told them that they are getting nothing from me and they can call all they want.

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I thought MCM was a scam. So i started to Google about their company, and It was hard to believe that they weren't a scam! Because everyone was saying they ARE a scam. So i told them send me something in writing and they did. They didn't speak very good english and they were rude but i think i would be the same way, if i have people hanging up on me all day or thinking im a scam because i don't speak good english. They don't have the best job in the world. But if your nice to them they will be nice to you. Their calling from India but that's just because it would be cheaper for the US to have them work for us then American people. I seriously thought they were a scam. but honestly they aren't i made a payment to them and i got a letter saying i made my first payment and a payment confirmation number. They seem sketchy but they are really A DEBT COLLECTOR. :-) i hope this helps!! & im being deadddd serious about this comment. I'm not a scam. lol. I have a one year old daughter and i know exactly how you guys feel about scams. Times are hard, and its hard to just your money away to company that you don't really trust. But they ARE LEGIT!!!

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hanagurl89 hanagurl89

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just a matter of time before a shill came on here.i have not found one debt not only on this site,but other sites where the debt was truly owed,or within SOL.yes this piece of garbage does sue,but has to rely on improper service most of the time.example:

a friend of mine was contacted by this bottomfeeder.the friend sent a C&D letter because the debt was already paid and reflected that on their CR.they tried to sue anyway,but since our county requires service by the sheriff they accepted the summons and informed the court that this was paid and they would seek cousel to sue midland.boy it was dismissed and fast.sorry,but this is a piece of dirt on par with assett acceptance and nothing you posted changes the fact they are not legit and can be beaten either by a DV letter,or in court.nice try...NOT!!!!!!!!!

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paulmergel paulmergel
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