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Does anyone know about these folks? They state they are a collection agency under the counsel of Rose and Scrogan.


Seriously, is this place really even legit?? I just received something from my local Sheriffs office and apparently I have a debt from 2000 and the place it states that I owe doesn't even sound familiar to me. I also tried to fax every single fax number that they have on these papers and even looked on their website and faxed those numbers and none of them are fax numbers. I find this to be very strange. After reading all the things that everyone has posted about being scammed by them it makes me wonder where does the money go that they are getting from everyone??

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doublecharged????? lawddd..they just added $21,000 to my 6k sumthin bill.. (like my friend says"dis sum bullsh*t")..then about to start new job...ummm..overseas.I wonder if they can garnish my wages or accounts over there??

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They can send a sherriff to your door its called a civil summons I have the same happen to me

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Kentuckygiril1976 Kentuckygiril1976

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:confused:morgan & pottinger ain't shit they claim cause i missed one payment back in may of last yeat gave the the right to take my fucking money out of my account during tax time but i never was late or missed another payment and they didn't send me no reminder letter they claim they did but that was a damn lie. but them bitches aint sent me my damn receipt on them getting they damn money and they haven't released me from the credit burea yeah they low down!

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if this post is any indication of the way you treated them then its no wonder they levied your account at the first opportunity.

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usernameislame usernameislame

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I returned the inquiry of Morgan and Pottinger, P.S.C. in Louisville in regards to collecting on an age-old defaulted debt, just as a courtesy to the institution to tell them that I am receiving only disability income of $694 per month, which the Social Security Administration tells me is not considered income. I spoke with a person who would only tell me his name is Kenneth who insisted that I provide him/them with all the information necessary to arrange payments to discharge my debts to LVNV funding from this barely life-sustaining source. It's this kind of feedback that makes me glad, and I mean glad, that I have such a serious heart condition, that I am not expected to last more than 2 more years, according to my doctors at the V.A. Medical Hospital...and yes, I am a decorated Vietnam Veteran.
These individuals would make Ebeneezer Scrooge, before his epiphany, look like a charitable philanthropist. My only comfort and consolation in this matter is that their unyielding, insensitive, and unsympathetic efforts for collection on me will cease on the day of my demise. :(:(:(

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Why don't you all respond to certified mailings requesting verification of debts?
Why don't you respond with letters stating this is an attempt to collect a debt with the debt information on the letter?

Apparently you are not trustworthy and therefore, I have handed all the information listed in all these posts to my attorney to handle.

I have been getting phone calls for over 2 months and I don't have an outstanding debt and they don't leave messages for you to return thier calls.....

My attorney will handle this deal!

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