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National Action Financial Services - Is it good to deal with?

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Ok, National Action Financial Services have made the first initial call today around 8:30 this morning. I have no idea who they're calling about (me or my wife) since the phones in her name. I refuse to talk to this guys from National Action Financial Services at all. I've chased off allied interstate, Merchants and now these goons. I do not have an account number for an alleged debt that they say one of owes. I need to send a C&D letter but no account number. Can I just send this with out the account and use the phone # they called us at. I've seen numerous posts and these are the lowest scumbags. The automated message just said that "You must call 866-529-1899 as it is VERY important to someone named "Gotto or Gotty" Da ha funny. Can someone please advise. Thank you.

NAF is also calling my sister for a debt they say I owe. However, I have never received a letter from this CA and I've been living at the same address for 10 years. How would they know my sisters phone number? We have different last names plus she just got the new number a few months ago. Is this legal? What can I do to stop them from harrassing her?

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what is it? My mother recieved a message or something about my fiance' and that he needs to call them back. How the hell did they get my moms number? And why would they be calling my mom not his?? confused. help..plez.

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I got a phone call from my mom saying that they are calling for my fiance. He never ever got a loan from I am kind of confused. They said that if he doesnt call with in 24 hours they will be some kind of proceedings againt him.....???

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Pay your bills diatribe deleted - pi$$ off - ND

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i keep getting calls from the same agency, but i have never had any debts at all so i know they cannot be calling for anything but to scam!

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Send them a Cease & Desist letter, file a complaint with the FTC, the FCC, and your state Attorney General.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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National Action Financial Services, Inc. calls every other day
I filed FCC complaint 5/20/09
NAFC received my cease and desist letter sent certified mail, return receipt requested 6/15
another robo phone call received 6/17
Attorney Generals Office - complaint filed 6/17
FTC - complaint filed 6/17
Wish me luck.

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First of all Ark, you assume that everyone can keep from getting behind, some have surprise medical issues that causes them not to work, and then they get behind. Nobody EVER thinks that will happen, but it does not excuse these nasty hateful collectors like the ones at NAFS that lie, interrupt you, hang up on you, refuse to give you the company address and tell you they don't have to stop. I spoke with "John", "Adam" (whom I think is actually John, too), and some woman, who refused to let me talk, refused to give me the address, and hung up on me multiple times. They don't want to deal with people who have any sense, they are BULLIES!!! Only a BULLY takes advantage of the week or ignorant. Move away from Buffalo if there aren't any jobs. That's like saying I have to be a drug dealer or prostitute because i can't find a job, no go somewhere you can find one. Also they would get further with people if they weren't so mean and nasty. If a person gets that way with me, they will NEVERRRRRRR!!!!!!! get what they want!!!!!!

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You are probably the same *** who I just talked to that hung up on me three times and refused to give me any information. You guys are breaking the law, and what about the debts you are trying to collect for that do not belong to the people you are messing with. If you guys would follow the law people wouldn't get upset, but you refuse to follow the law, you refuse to hear people out, you start out with a nasty cynical tone in your voice, and you wonder why people tell you off. My mom used to always say, "you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" but you *** don't get that because you are ignorant, so you disrepect people and accuse people of being dead beats. I hope you or your family has a serious medical problem that causes you to lose income so you can't pay your bills and the credit card company refuses to work with you and trumps up rediculous amounts of charges so that things are so out of hand you cant recover, because that happens ALLLLLLL THEEE TIME!!!!!!!! Real people have bad things happen, and they don't want to not pay, but these companies have NO MERCY and next thing you know, a little $200 bill is over $1,500 and it's out of hand. You guys are creeps, you aren't helping anybody, you don't want to HELP anybody, your a freakn lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No personal attack, please -Jason

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Does anybody know if NAFS verifies that you have paid off your debt? I had to pay off an old blockbluster debt over two weeks ago and when I went in the other day, the woman working said i couldn't rent anything because i still owed them money. How can I be sure NAFS received my payment?

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