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credit restoration - Rancho Credit Management

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Anyone has heard of Rancho Credit Management in Encinitas, CA?
I have received a letter that I owe quite large amount to them, with original creditor indicated.
I straight to Better Business Bureau site, but could not locate them. They even do not have website, etc.
First I need a verification of this debt.
Then, I need to know if this company is credible, I mean a good one to deal with.

To me it sounds like a "credit repair" company in which, my opinion, there is no such thing to take the place of yourself and time to repair your credit and all the rest is just out there to rip off the poor person who does not have a clue of what they are getting into.

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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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I got the same letter and I called the FTC and they refered me to double check with the ACA. They are a legit company. I called Rancho Credit Managment at 866-575-4691 and spoke to a man named Charles who was not the smartest guy but it turns out that the credit restoration program is a way to make payments and have the negative trade line be reported postive and they start a new trade line. If your looking to rebild your credit its a good tool if not then its useless.

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Guest, Im still confused about what you are saying, sorry, can you be more specific?


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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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I guess the break down goes like this. Say you owe visa $500 and they have reported a negative trade on your credit report. If this company buys your debt and you agree to be part of the credit restoration program then what they would do is report paid in full on the negative trade that visa put and start a whole new postive trade line as if you got a whole new loan. The way that works is they have you sign a promissory agreeing to pay an ammount that you think you can afford. The upside is that you would have a positive current trade the down side is you would be paying of the whole balence to where if you have a chunk of cash saved you could probably settle the account for 40% of the debt.

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Just Pay your freekin' bill!!!! Or at least make an effort. You get youself in this mess on your own. Nobody forced you to get anything on credit. You want to live that American Dream? Its not free. Treat the situation like you were the one owed the money, and I bet you would be singing a diffrent tune! Be honest with yourself when you get something on credit. Theres probably a reason you can't afford it in cash. [font=Arial][/font][font=Times New Roman][/font][color=Blue][/color][size=3][/size][size=6][/size] :wink:

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hey mandolo who said they didn't want to pay their bills. They just want to make sure everything is valid. So if I called you asking for 10,000 on a 5,000 debt you would pay it. If you would you are an idiot sir. How about you CA's obey the law for once.

And mundog I would think most people with an education and some smarts and little decency would stay away from the collections field. Granted it takes no education or professionalism to be a collection agent. You must be so proud to be in an industry with such high turnover and low pay for the average agent.

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I was seriously past due on several accounts i'm not in san diego but i did get it. A letter about 4 months ago so i did my research and yes they are legit and i was not too sure about the credit repair deal but they broke it down for me .... I owed a furniture company about $1500 hun before i went to collections i'm sure that other agrency try to reach me or what ever but now that i'm back on my feet i'm taking charge of my debts and not going bk i cant i dont owe that much and its old stuff from 3-4 years ago ... But my little sis who was in realestate told me that they look at your credit history from the past 10 years and that thing dont magicly get removed unless i lie about my knowledge of the debt ...which is another story .. I'm recovering ..and on a program not a 12 step but close enough .. So i got a hold of them they where willing to reduce the account that had practicle doubled to close enough of the charge off amount and so i did like 10% down or so then monthly payment like $100 which is well inot my budget but they did give me a note in writting that they will show my current charge off as paid/settled in full and that they would open up a positive trade line through rancho credit and show every single paymet i make from that point on ... I haven't checked my credit yet .. But its only a $100 a month and i got one less call bill collection agency to deal with and it sounds like a win win for me anyways ..... I did google them and did see this so i thought i would share my two cents of this matter ..... At the end of the day i know i owe it and it will not go away ... Just like my child support issues but thats another story....

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RCM (Rancho Credit Management) is a scam operation. Do not take their calls, sign anything they send, or pay any debt. They typically put an extra 25% on every debt just to see if they can get away with it. Ask them to prove the debt! You will see they can't and then will sell the debt to someone else.

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if its on your credit report it legit unless you have a reciept showing "PAID IN FULL"

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But my little sis who was in realestate told me that they look at your credit history from the past 10 years

Wrong. Items only stay on your credit file for 7 years so the most they can look back is 7 years.

but they did give me a note in writting that they will show my current charge off as paid/settled in full

Ok I saw something like this further back on this post. This is completely misleading. First, they can't guarantee that the original tradeline will report -anything- because only the company that placed it there can update it, no one else can. Normally when a company writes off and sells a debt it is simply listed as a negative account showing 0 dollars owed and a note that the debt has been written off and/or sold.

if its on your credit report it legit unless you have a reciept showing "PAID IN FULL"

TOTAL BULL. Just because it is on your credit report does not mean it is legit. These companies do not have to show any type of proof, they just type in the information and it is now on the person's credit file...heck, even when a tradeline is posted that is a total fabrication it most often gets 'verified'. It usually takes a person suing the companies or threatening to sue to get it removed because they do not want to defend in court when they know full well they are wrong. So once more, just because something is listed on your credit report does not mean it is legit. use your common sense....if something is listed you know for a fact you never did, well then OBVIOUSLY something is not right.

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