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Do Weltman, Weinberg and Reis Co have any offices in MD?

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Hi, two questions for you great people.

First of all, am I correct that if I am to be served with papers, the law firm which is doing so must have offices in my state (I am in MD)?

My HR dept received a phone call yesterday regarding me. It was from a "Mr. Azena" who said I should call "Mr. Thrower" at the Litigation Dept at WWR Law Firm immediately, they were going to serve me w/papers and wanted to make arrangements to do so out of my office. The phone number they left is 714-380-5874, I looked this number up via the 'net and didn't come up with anything. Additionally, the law firm does not have any offices in CA so that is strange too. I did find out the law firm is "Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A." and they do not have any offices in the state of MD.

I am embarrassed about the call at work but will send a cease and desist letter to these bozos ASAP to not call me at work. I also asked my HR dept not to accept anymore calls from this firm. I'm not sure if they will comply with my request though.

Additionally, I have received absolutely no correspondence from these people although they did leave a threatening msg on my home voice mail last week stating that they were going to serve me also. Aren't they supposed to provide me with a letter after making the initial phone call? I deleted the phone message and did not call them back since I have had no correspondence with them.

Any info is appreciated, thank you!


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