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i hurt my knee back in 2019 and needed to see a doctor for it. i tried an urgent care facility and they recommended that i see an orthopedic. the orthopedic wouldnt take me without a referral letter and an MRI scan. when i finally had the MRI done and brought the scans to the ortho, he didnt even open them. all the doctor did was read the report from the initial visit at the urgent care and tell me that i would need to be in full traction for the next 3-6 months, the visit with the ortho lasted 5 minutes.

i got a second opinion with a different ortho and was told that if i carried through with the first doctors recommendations, i would be recovering for the next 2 years and possibly end up with a leg that would never be the same. i stopped care with the first doctor and contiued with the second doctor.

now i am receiving calls from a collection agency for the ~$550 balance owed to the MRI center for the MRI that was required by the first doctor, and then not even opened by him.
sorry if this is more medical than financial, but anything would help before i just swallow my pride and pay a bill.


Do you validate the debt? I mean, are you sure there everything is accurate in the medical bill? If there is any inaccuracy, you can make a complaint. Ensure your name, insurance information, and billing address are correct. Also, you can ask the insurance provider to pay the bill if the debt is your.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do at this point. It is quite apparent that the first doctor misguided you just for the sake of money. But you did the MRI test. So you are liable for the medical bill. You can negotiate for a lower amount. But you have to pay it off. Your best option is to settle it either on your own or through a settlement company.

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David Martin David Martin

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Have you negotiated with the collection agency at all? You can try to, if you haven't already, explain the situation to them. But before you do ask them if they can verify the debt and also themselves. Make sure they are a legitimate collection agency before sending even a dollar to them. Recently I have seen so many friends and relatives get scammed that I've become very skeptical about these phone calls. When it comes to money you can never be too careful.

Also get details on that $550, or at least ask them about how much of that amount includes fines and other fees. If it is a significant chunk of the amount then working with a debt settlement firm can help you cancel a lot, if not all of it.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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