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I received a summons the other day and am not sure how to respond. I have been making small payments to the original creditor and they have been accepting them. The summons I got was from the collection agency and does not have a court date. I owe the debt of about $1600. Since it is the collection agency sueing me should I make them validate the debt. Should I try to settle with them? I really don't have much money to work with probably $100 a month max. I'm also afraid to call them because they always bully me. What should I do?

Well that sounds kind of encouraging to me. In the plaintiff box the only name is Arrow Financial not GEMB. So I am assuming they really have no grounds to sue me...? How do I actually answer a complaint. I guess the summons usually comes with a response form to fill out but mine did not so I have no clue how to go about it. I'm gathering that it needs to say I owe GEMB money but Arrow Financial says I owe them money and I want them to prove it. I keep hearing about filing a discovery request but I don't know where to find out how to do that. I don't know how it is reported on my credit report. I have to get a current one.
Also I just want to say thanks for everyones advice. I have never been through any of this and it all seems so overwhelming.

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I looked at my credit report and it shows that the debt was bought from GEMB. Can they still sue me for the full amount or just what they paid for the account?

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nascardevil wrote:

Hiya Nascar, so, what's the difference? I've received notices from well know JDB's who claim to be CA's. How does one tell the difference?

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Broke they will try to sue for the entire balance owed plus many other fees they might have added.

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I talked to a lawyer today (who was a total jerk) and he told me to send an answer to the summons denying the majority of it and then call the agency lawyer and try to set up a payment plan.
Big sigh, little tear...

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