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My states Dept. of Revenue has ignored my validation request

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I sent a request for validation to my states DOR on 01/23/14. Last week I missed a call from them but their representive left a message refering to the letter. He asked me to contact him reguarding it.

Yesterday I received a "Final Notice before seziure" letter. They are demanding payment and it seems like ignoring my request for validation. I'm unsure what to do next? Do I dispute the debt?

Any help would truly be appreciated.

What is the department of revenue saying you owe for - usually this is only for payment of taxes or if you had student loans at school and dropped the classes and owe the school? If the school is county based they can collect though your state taxes.

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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the OP'S thread on the DOR and a state owned hospital regarding medicaid/medicare and the fact that the hospital didn't file the necessary it's obvious the op listened to the unregistered idiot in that thread,and not me as a DV letter is pointless as you had to contact your ins provider and get this straightened out.btw helpinaz.the thread is titled

is a state department of revenue the same as any collection agency?

i replied as i did is not,and angie needed to contact her medicaid/medicare provider to handle it.

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